Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just a phase or a change in the times?

So I got to thinking last night about being healthy, and the people i work with on a daily basis. I began to ask myself This question. "What is it that makes me want to be healthy?" Good health is something I think about constantly, talk about constantly, so clearly it is one of my core values. As I began to ask myself this question I started making a sort of mental list of the reasons why good health is important to me, why I live the life I do basically. Here is what I came up with...(in no particular order)
-When I work out and eat right I feel better. I have more energy. I feel better about myself. I feel strong and able.
-I want to live a long happy, healthy, disease free life. I want to be able to move, and be mobile when i'm old! I want to be running half marathons at age 62! ;)
-I have studied the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I've seen the proven facts before my very eyes. The list of benefits that come from exercising and eating right is long; very long, and I like that.
- I have seen the positive effects it has had on my family and friends that have incorporated this way of living longterm.
- I feel like I have been blessed with a body that functions normally, and is able to do so much! I need to do my best to take care of it.
-When i eat right and exercise I look better. True statement. Some people might call it vanity, but I don't. I think that it is really important for people have a positive self-image. It can have an effect on all aspects of your life. If you don't feel good about you, how do you expect to be happy? How do you expect to help others be happy??

These are a few of my reasonings. As I started thinking about my own drive to be healthy, I began to think about health in our society today. From fitness water to heart rate monitors; it seems to be all the rage, but it makes me wonder. Is this just a phase, or are people really realizing the importance of good health? I most definitely hope it's the latter. The more I read and study in the health field the more I personally realize the truth of the matter. America is getting fat, unhealthy, and unhappy. So maybe one of my main reasons for doing what I do is beacause it makes me happy. Happy to feel good. Happy to see improvements in myself and others. Happy to challenge myself, and try new things. And of course..physiologically happy...endorphins baby!


Trav & Linds said...

Yahoo! I have the internet again, I've missed checking out your blog. I hope the world is realizing that it is so beneficial to be healthy. I know for us being healthy is a lifestyle, and once you adapt it becomes second nature.

The Smith Clan said...

I feel the exact same way! Good food for thought Megan. I think you are wise at an early age. When you are healthy and take care of your body, we only have been given one, we are promised certain blessings, and everything just goes better in my life! Love Mom

Jenna said...

I was thinking last night, why don't you be my guest blogger while I am in Europe? You can do a series on bride based fitness and dietary tips, and you could ask for requests on information. If you become a "Q&A" person who is open to answering questions they will probably follow you back to your blog and keep reading! The first post could be you introducing yourself, your background and why you have any credibility writing such posts. You could also post about some clients you have worked with and the positive changes they have seen. Then you could do posts on things like incorporating healthy food into yummy things (a la deceptively delicious), small adjustments that will payoff in your workouts, etc.

Ok this comment got really long, but let me know if you are interested. You could even start writing the posts right now, and we can just use the Save As Draft function on blogger and then you can just publish a new post every few days.

Maybe I will see if anyone else wants to post as well and my blog can become a little posting party!

Nichole said...

Sometimes I get burnt out on trying to be healthy and exercise. It always keeps me going to picture how I would feel if I did nothing and ate like crap. I think it helps you in every area of your life to be more successful. It seems when you feel good you do good!

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