Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exercise of the week: Plank Push Ups

This exercise is a great one to strengthen your core and work the entire upper body as well. It's a variation on the normal push up, which of course is one of my favorite things ever. A GREAT way to sculpt those arms, and increase your upper body strength. Begin in the start of a push up, an extended plank. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Slowly release down into a push up and back up to your starting position. Hold again for 10 seconds and repeat. Do this 15 times. Really focus on keeping your abs tight, glutes tight, and your body in line.


Cristin Lynn said...

I was about to do these yesterday at the gym!

...but then I got distracted by a gorgeous man wearing a Marine's shirt and doing bench presses....his rippling biceps made me lose count on the sit ups I was doing...and then I was so sore from all of the sit ups that I had to leave. fml.

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Anonymous said...

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