Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Chains

Health Magazine recently named the top 10 healthiest places to eat out, and let me just tell you I LOVE this list. Complete with a few of my favorites. Here's how it broke down.

#1 - Panera Bread
#2 - Jason's Deli
#3 - Au Bon Pain
#4 - Noodles & Company
#5 - Corner Bakery and Cafe
#6 - Chipotle
#7 - Atlanta Bread
#8 - Mcdonalds
#9 - Einstein Bros. Bagels
#10 -Taco Del Mar

Reasons why I love this list...
-Jason's Deli...obviously...
-The only restaurants that don't show the nutrition facts online are Chipotle and Atlanta Bread. 8/10 ain't bad. I LOVE when restaurants provide the stats. It makes all of our lives easier when trying to make good eating out decisions.
-I know what you're thinking...WTF McDonalds!?!? I thought the same thing. BUT, then I re-thought about it and I feel better now. It's good to know places like McD's are trying to create healthy options for us to eat.

One thing to remember. Just because it's on the list doesn't mean you should go there and have a hay day. There are still plenty of un-healthy menu options, there are some huge portions, there is still the option that you might overeat. SO, look at the nutrition facts beforehand. Find good options that will work for you. Be smart. Be careful. Be healthy!!


Cristin Lynn said...

YAY CHIPOTLE! I guess my 918 calorie burrito is healthy after all!!! mom asked a question on our blog and I wanted to ask you about it. She isn't a morning person but is training for the half with me. She wants to know if she should force herself to wake up early and run tired or wait till afternoon to there a "best" time to exercise?

Sarah said...

I love love love Panera - just wish we had some in Utah!!

Ooh! I have a question too. My knee has been bothering me and my doctor suggested some exercises to strengthen my quad muscles. Any suggestions?

Benita said...

this is a great list. i need to eat at noodles and co more - and we need to find something there you like...and remember what it is when we go back, seems to be a lot more difficult then it sounds.