Sunday, March 8, 2009

See Megan Run...

This week was a good running week.
My runs during the week went by pretty quickly and proved to be pretty easy. I always feel better about my weekend long run when my weekday runs go well.
I was nervous about the 16 though. It's just a big number, let's be honest.
I decided that I was going to do my long run on Friday night instead of my usual Saturday morning because I had a bunch of stuff going on in the morning and I didn't want to have to get up at 5 AM.
I thought due to the nicer weather earlier in the week that I might be able to venture outside for the first time, but since it snowed all day Friday that was a negative. So, it was back to the treadmill for this week.
I have been wearing my Body Bugg faithfully, and was actually a little excited to see what the caloric burn was going to look life for my 16 mile run. I knew it would be big, and I was excited about that.
I got all my gym stuff all packed up and took it to work with me so I would be able to leave straight from work, go right to the gym, no questions asked. No time to contemplate a change of mind, no letting myself unwind and get tired, no stopping @ go, no collecting $200. You get the point.
*This is a GREAT hint for getting yourself to the gym. Plan a time, prepare for it, and don't give yourself a chance to change your mind. If going home after work to change and then get to the gym is going to lessen your chances of actually making it there, don't even allow for that time to second guess. Bring your gym clothes with you to work, change at the gym. 1/2 the battle is just getting yourself there.
I was sure to pack sufficient water, and some replenishment foods with me so I'd be prepped and ready to go. I think my Shot Blox saved me this go round. I really felt the increase in energy, and ability to keep going. I was also sure to stay hydrated the whole time, which really helped.
I'll be honest. It was long, but I felt so good when I was done. Good in an accomplished, very tired, sweaty, and starving sort of way. The good news was, as recorded on my Body Bugg I burned around 3300 calories for the day. Not too shabby ;)
Next week I get a break, and the mileage dips back down to 12. I'm quite pleased with that news. It's getting close!


Cristin Lynn said...

Um hello Ms. I'll just go run 16 miles on a Friday night. You are amazing.

I'm jealous. I drag myself out of bed at noon on Saturday and still barely do my 8 miles.

The Smith Clan said...

Way to go Megs! So cool! 16 on a treadmill! WOW! Can't believe that and the 3300!!!