Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh boy....The Biggest Loser does it again...

For those of you who aren't following the apologies...but, Tuesday's episode can't go unnoticed. Aside from the fact that it was one crazy twist after another, I thought there was a valid point made that we can all learn from...MODERATION.

The black team won the weekly challenge, allowing them 24 hours of luxury. For them that meant to be a day of relaxing; sans workouts. It turned into a day relaxing; sans workouts, with an overload of mindlessness, alcohol and calories. 15,563 calories to be exact. That is how much all the black team members combined consumed for their dinner. When that number is compared to the 1,612 that the blue team consumed it puts their binging into perspective.
Most of the black team members made comments such as, "it's just one day," or "I've worked so hard I deserve this."

How many times have these exact thoughts ran through your head? Or maybe you've even said them out loud. I know I have. We all get into these mindsets. Don't get me wrong, I'm so so SO for a little relaxation, for giving yourself a break, and for allowing some revamp time. Your body needs it. However, there is a complete difference between a little R&R and giving away the farm.

MODERATION folks. If you allow yourself some indulgences every now and then, chances are you aren't going to go binge-happy. It was crazy to see how all of the black team members didn't end up doing very well at their weigh-in, due to their overindulgence. All of them regretted getting so calorie-happy, and saw how they stunted the awesome progress they had been making.

Word of the day: Moderation.

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Cristin Lynn said...

And HOW did they vote off Mandy. The blue team is RIDICULOUS!

I love that show!