Sunday, March 22, 2009

See Megan Run

(my apologies for the pic if you're offended....I thought it was hilarious!)

Yesterday was my 18 miler. AND I MADE IT!! I come to realize more and more how running is just such a mental game for me. I have to divide it out in my head, and give myself milestones. Yesterday My breakdown was to take it in three sections. First, I'd take care of the first 8 miles, then I'd tackle 6, and the last 4 would be my final bout. I do it all consecutively, of course, but i just have to have a breakdown in my head. If I were to be thinking "one mile down, 17 more to go," I don't know if i'd have made it. I was very pleased with how smoothly it went. I attribute this to...

-adequate hydration aka lots of H20
-new songs on my Ipod
-strawberry flavored shot blocks (they are SO good)
-comfortable attire
-no chafing (Thanks to Benita I have an anti-chafing roll on that is AMAZING. Usually I get big stingy rashes under my arms.)
-my knees didn't hurt!!

I was so glad to be done when that last mile came around, let me tell you. BUT after yesterday I am feeling like this marathon is doable. For my long run next week I have a 14 miler, and the next week I peak at 20, and it's taper down from there. I can't believe the race is so close! I also just found out my mom will be in town to cheer me on, which makes me SO happy!


Delynn said...

Hey Megan! It's Delynn (rodriguez) from high school. i don't know if you remember me, but I have been "stalking" your blog for awhile. I have to tell you, you are incredibly motivating and helpful! Do you do personal training on the side? Keep up the great advice, and good luck with your running.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on running 18 miles. I'm impressed!

The Smith Clan said...

Megan!! Way to go! I'm so proud of you for running the "full" marathon! Just be careful these last few weeks! You're amazing!

Nichole said...

So awesome Megs! I am proud! You motivate me! Sure love ya!

Steph said...

haha!! That picture is so funny! You are amazing Megs!! Good job. I will be there for the half and then cheering my bro on for the full so I will cheer for you too! Good luck with the next couple weeks, you will do great!