Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Brad...

My sis and her fam came into town yesterday. I love when that happens. This always means a few things go down.
Frozen Yogurting.
We met up tonight for dinner at a restaurant that is a legendary Provo hot spot, Brick Oven. They are famous for their pizza, but I'm not a huge pizza girl. I go crazy for the salad bar though...
I don't know if this photo even does justice of the magnitude that was this salad. I ate every. single. bite. 
The problem with Brick Oven is they only offer one size of salad plate. It's only like a 5 inch plate. So, naturally...I stack it as high as I possibly can. We're talking like a solid five pounds of vegetables. My family was impressed with my construction. It was delicious.

I would love to post more...but I need to go watch the bachelor now. I know some of you are watching...what did you think???
I think it's Emily...just guessing.

Did you watch the bachelor? How did you feel about it? Do you want to come eat ginormous salads with me?


Julia said...

ahhhhhh!! I love the salad bar at brick oven...i like to think that I have perfected stacking my salad plate mile-high as well. I have not been there in FOREVER. so I would definitely be down for hitting it up sometime soon :)

The bachelor made me soooo happy. The After the Rose was a little brutal but I SO hope it works out for them...brought tears to my eyes...yes I am a little TOO addicted to reality tv.

Ali said...

Megan I miss our Bachelor talks at work! I love that he picked Emily, and I am glad that they admitted to having problems. When the Bachelorette starts we may have to have a weekly convo about it because I miss all of your insights!!

Benita said...

I love those Barney's. So glad they are in town for you and possibly me to hang out with (eventually). I TOTALLY thought it was Shantel!! Very pleasantly surprised that it wasn't however. I love Emily. And i love that she is a realist. And I love that Brad is in love with her. I want to come eat a ginormous salad with you! anytime. text me, tweet me, fb me, gchat me, comment me. Whatevs. I'm in.

Edible Art said...

looks like those monster salads i make at souplantation , so yummy!

Jen said...

How fun to be with family and eat a huge salad! It looks yummy! Will you construct one for me? It looks perfectly balanced!

Julie said...

that is one HIGH salad!

Merediths said...

I LOVE huge salads. I don't go out to eat often, but when I do, I always order an entree with a salad bar included (if they have one) and then I realize that I should have JUST gotten the salad bar. I LOVE salad bars. I always wish for one I could just pull out of my fridge at home with all the stuff perfectly chopped and easily stacked. I introduced my hubby to garbanzo beans on our salad last night for dinner and he is now a fan! Yay for yummy salads!!!

ashley & sundance said...

Do i want to eat ginormous salads with you? Yes!!! I don't know why brick oven can't use a bigger salad plate... i just go back multiple times. ;)

Don't watch the bachelor. Just never got into it. :/

Spin tomorrow night? Yes! I'll bring a beach towel to soak up the nasty sweat. ;)

Stephanie said...

We are even twins with our salad monsters! Is that cottage cheese on yours? Because if so we pretty much ate the SAME thing last night except my noodles looked different and there weren't peanuts on my salad bar (jealous) :)

Anonymous said...

Do they have takeout containers?

This is what I do at Jason's Deli...I get the takeout container (its big), even if I am eating it there. It has 2 sides. I fill BOTH sides with stuff.

I have no shame. It's good stuff. If I eat it all, then ok. If not, I already have it ready to take home as leftovers, lol!

Rene said...

I've never watched the Bachelor. As far as the salad, yes please. I'm not a huge salad fan but something about reading your blog makes me want to eat veggies all the time. Now if I can put that want into action....

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

YES!!! I would totally eat salads with you, we could work on our stacking skills until they were perfected. We could get at least 7 lbs of veggies on those miniscule plates.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

had brick oven a few years ago for the first time in maybe 20 years (really!). the pizza is not as good. that salad does though!

Stefanie D. said...

I would love to eat ginormous salads with you! You must show me the way of the salad stacking. LOL.

Megan said...

I'm so not a bachelor person, so I cannot comment on that, but your salad looks delish! Although, to be honest, I myself would have picked pizza :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Provo looks like a happenin' place from what I see in bloggyland!! I'll take some brick oven!

I HAD to watch the finale and after the rose last night. I knew it would be Emily, but the after show made it look like she was luke warm!

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