Sunday, July 10, 2011

Challenge Yourself. What's it gonnna be this week?

Today our church lesson was about goal setting and improving. It got me thinking about setting goals in general and how important it is to be working at something. I know some people are goal setters and some people aren't. It is definitely a matter of what works for you. With a lot of my clients I have found that having a weekly goal to work at keeps them from falling off the wagon completely. Usually if an individual has a weekly or monthly focus they are constantly evaluating how they are doing, and even if they aren't %100 on their goal they are at least thinking about how they are adding up.

The amazing thing about setting goals, is you realize how capable you really are. So many individuals underestimate themselves when it comes to what they can do physically and by manner of will power. Push yourself. Stretch. Set a goal to do something this week that might seem a little challenging. Try to be better in one area or another.

A common formula used in setting your goals is to set SMART goals.


Mondays seem to be the "start over" day for a lot of people. Set a goal for yourself for this week. Run it through the SMART checklist and see if your goal measures up. Make THIS week the week you change. Make THIS week the week you start onto that healthy path that you have been thinking about for days, months, and maybe even years. Stop making excuses as to why you aren't going to change, and make this your week. I love the Nike, "just do it," motto. It is so true. Stop complaining, stop giving reasons why you haven't, and for goodness sake stop pushing your beginning date back further and further into the endless future. Just do it. Decide today what you're going to change, and start NOW.

What is your goal for the week? Do you have something you have been wanting to accomplish or start at that you haven't quite tackled yet? Make it a priority this week. You will never accomplish goals that you don't give priority to. Give yourself a time line. Make your goal SMART. Just do it.

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Mrs. JM said...

weekly goals are great. i want to be better and this post was just what i needed to remind me to focus on one thing at a time. this week i'm going to eat clean. i know that seems like a no-brainer but, i've been too carefree with my food choices as of late and i'm beginning to feel the difference. i think daily goals are great too ... but, i'm one of those goal-crazy people.

Carrie said...

Its so funny that you posted this topic today! I decided to start a weekly goal post on my blog and just started it today. Thanks for the added inspiration!

kara t. said...

I gave a talk on this today. My goal this week is to be as perfect as possible with eating and working out so that I can enjoy a long weekend in Vegas without any guilt. Woo!

Lindsey said...

Great post! I agree that having weekly\monthly timeframe helps alot - it keeps it in the front of your mind!

What I find that I do alot, is make a to do list for the day, and write them down in order of importance. That way I get most everything done, but if a couple of the "less important" things don't, it won't matter as much.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love this Megan! I could not agree more with the no excuses and just do it mentality.

Goal for the week is to stop making excuses for not eating healthy. Thanks for the extra motivation! :)

becomingrene said...

Love this post! Goals are such an important part of progression. I love the advice to set a timeline too. Otherwise it will happen someday.

Stefanie D. said...

Love this! I need to start making small goals during the week so that I can be better at keeping myself accountable.

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