Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pumped Up.

Earlier today I mentioned that I had an AWESOME workout. I was thinking about why I loved it so much, and I realized that I had music pumping me up. Ever since my iPod incident I have been music-less. You know how much I love my tunes while I work out, and having to rely on whatever jams are being played at the gym can be rough. I borrowed a friends armband that holds my iPhone and so I had all my favorites coming at me. I have been LOVING the song Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia. It is SO. Dang. Legit. Every time I hear it I am re-energized.

Well, I want you to be just as pumped as I was!
So...for anyone who leaves a comment with your email address today or tomorrow...I'll send it to ya! (it has to be a gmail address for it to work!)
xoxoxo Megs


Anonymous said...

Oh I've never heard that song!! brtt.wat@gmail.com :)

Amber Handy said...

Awesome! amber.handy@gmail.com

Laurie said...


Leslie said...

Need some new jams thanks! Dekelesoskie@gmail.com

Heather Davis said...

what whaaat!! love it... heatherdavis003@gmail.com. Love you megs! xoxo

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