Friday, November 12, 2010

Be A Weekend Warrior

Weekends can be rough on weight loss, diets, basic healthy routine, etc. But they don't have to be. Usually we use that as our excuse to cover our slip ups. "It was the weekend..." Don't get me wrong, we all need breaks from perfection. ;) Nobody can eat perfect one hundred percent of the time, or exercise perfectly, or sleep perfectly. It's impossible. We do need those times to break out of feeling like we're on robotic mode, and the weekend is a great time to do that.  Here are some ways to help get through your weekend woes. 

1. Save eating out for the weekend. It is more than likely that you are going to go out on the weekend. It is just what most people do. If you have eaten out all week, and then the weekend comes and you're still eating out you might not feel so great. Make a conscious effort to eat at home, or bring a lunch to work, all week so you'll look forward to getting to eat out and you won't feel so bad. Make smart choices when you eat out, and you'll feel even better. Look online for the nutrition facts to the restaurants your heading to. Being prepared is a key part of staying on track.

2. Get your move on. Make it a goal to get some Saturday morning exercise in. Sundays for most people are the day you take off, and when you have two days off in a row you can get feeling kinda gross. 

3. Avoid the Movie Theater extras. A large sized popcorn has 20 cups of popcorn in it, 1,200 calories and 60 grams of fat. 60!!!!! If you're going to the movies take your own snacks. (Yes, I am advising you to sneak in your own food. Totally against movie theater conduct.) Bring some air popped popcorn, yogurt covered raisins, jolly ranchers, waters, apple slices, whatever snacks you want. If you absolutely MUST have some popcorn from the theaters don't endlessly eat from the bag. Get yourself a serving of it and allow some room for it in your calories throughout the day. 

4. Make normal healthy eating habits a part of your lifestyle. If this is the case then when you have splurges every now and then you won't feel bad about them and you won't feel so restricted. The goal of a healthy diet is to make it a lifestyle, so you don't feel restricted all the time. Nobody wants to live like that! 

5. Take Saturdays to restock your produce. If you have the good stuff on hand, you will be a lot more likely to eat healthy. If you need to wash and prep your produce for the next week this is a great day to do it!

6. Bring a healthy option to the dinner party. If you are getting together with friends bring some healthy options. You'll be surprised at how quickly it will fly. Fruit and veggie trays are almost always the first things to go at parties. 

I hope you have a happy healthy weekend! Don't you just love Fridays??