Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where are you investing your money?

I have an awesome client I have trained over the past few years. She just had a baby and is trying to work off some of the post baby weight that she gained. She said something today that was so incredibly profound I felt like I have to share it. We were working out this morning and she we were talking about the goals she was setting for the next few days. I just set her up with an Exerspy, (which is an updated and improved version of the bodybugg,) and so her goal over the past few days is to burn more calories. She has made some major improvements in the amount of exercise she is putting in and the consistency she needs as far as her workouts go. We discussed her diet in depth and decided that she needs to be more aware of the calories she is putting into her body. She has vastly changed her eating habits for the better since we first started working together, and the progress she has made has been so great to see. I really am so proud of her. 

One of her biggest vices is eating out. She doesn't love to cook at home, and with her small kids and husband she likes the convenience of stopping at a fast food place on her way home from wherever, and having dinner at the drop of a hat. This is so typical of how we as Americans are today. Home cooked meals around the table have become a thing of the past in many circumstances. We like the easy, instant gratification type satisfaction that comes from fast food. Fast food, which, more often than not is unhealthy. 

Well, as we were discussing how she can do better this week she was telling me how her friends are always wanting her to go out to lunch and dinner, and how expensive it gets. She then made this comment...

"I was thinking about how much money I spend to work out with a trainer, buy healthy food, and how I just bought this body bug. I put a lot of money into it, but then I realized how much money I spend on eating out at unhealthy restaurants and on treats. All of my money going towards trying to be healthy is being counteracted by all of the money I'm putting towards keeping me looking and feeling the way I am. I'm costing myself a fortune to stay the same." 

Profound, no? I hadn't ever though of the endless money we spend on eating out in this way. America is investing their money in being overweight. Funny to think that if we were to put that money towards healthy food options, we'd save money both from not eating out, and from not needing health care for our extreme obesity induced health risks down the road. So, the question is, where are you investing your money?