Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Missing The End Of The World. Dang.

Today has been a LONG day. I worked from 5:30-10:30 and then was off to the airport to catch my plane to AZ. I felt like I spent most of my day there...My plane was a couple hours late due to this crazy storm. I seriously can't believe all of this. You would honestly think that Utahns had never seen snow in their lives the way we are canceling school, work, life... Hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your husbands, cause the snow's gonna get everybody up in here. 

I guess the airport really did cancel all the flights right after my plane left, soooo it must be pretty bad. I'm just glad I'm here and not stuck there. I was only planning on being at the airport for an hour before my plane left, so I brought a protein bar with me for a snack. As soon as I heard how delayed my plane was I knew I was going to need to eat something real, so I started wandering around the airport trying to find something that would fill me up and would still be healthy. I settled on this sandwich from The Great American Bagel. It was SO good.
A toasted whole wheat baguette, smoked turkey, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, fire roasted red peppers, Dijon mustard, and a tiny bit of mayo. Delicious. I guess it'd better be for an $8.00 six-inch sandwich. Technically I could have had the bag of plain lays potato chips that comes with the sandwich, but I passed. I think regular lays are the biggest waste of calories ever. (My apologies if you like them, I just think they are gross.)
 While wandering I found some other possible healthy airport options...
- assorted fruit cup (totally over priced)
- assorted vegetable cup with ranch dip 
- assorted fruit; apples, bananas & oranges
- oatmeal from Starbucks (130 calories...awesome)
- sandwich from Quiznos (230 calories for a veggie, 360 in the turkey)
- fat free frozen yogurt from TCBY
- yogurt, fruit, & granola parfait (160 for a McDonalds Parfait, I'm guessing the others had 400 calories)
- tortilla soup from California Pizza Kitchen (300 calories)
- Convenience store options: dried fruit, trail mix, pretzels, protein bars, and granola bars. These can all be great options, but you want to be careful when you buy a whole bag of something like trail mix. Those calories can add up quickly. 

The best thing you can do, if possible, is try and plan ahead. Make yourself a pb and banana wrap, (or something that doesn't need to be refrigerated, and pack it with you. Take an apple, banana, protein bar, bag of carrots, etc. Planning ahead is the best way to keep your healthy diet on track. It's when we are hungry and unprepared that we make rash decisions that can be disastrous
P.s. I hope all you Utahns are safe and warm. Good luck with the Turkey Day preparations. I'll be posting some healthy thanksgiving tips tomorrow!! 


melissadishes said...

I totally agree with planning ahead when traveling. But luckily many airports have decent options, they are just $$$.

I also agree with Lays Potato chips. BLECH. I occasionally ate them as a teen but only drowned in dip. Now I am a super huge chip snob and rarely eat anything but really good quality tortilla chips

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Seriously Utah was so dramatic about the storm. There was like 1/4 of an inch of snow and it didn't even stick! I am glad you made it there. 8 dollars is ridiculous but I am glad it tasted good! When do you get back....p.s.I didn't teach spin tonight because I knew you weren't going to be there.