Saturday, November 20, 2010

What are you going to do TODAY?

I hear it all the time. 
"Tomorrow is my fresh start."
"Once the holidays are over I'm going to be a lot better."
"As soon as life calms down, I'll be able to get a handle on my health."

Guess what? The chances is never really going to calm down. So we have to learn to make the best of what we have today, and figure out how to improve ourselves in our circumstances TODAY. 
That doesn't mean you have to go from being a couch potato to a marathon finisher in one day. Everything takes time. However, if you are constantly waiting until tomorrow to start you won't ever see any results at all. 

So, my question for you is...What are YOU going to do TODAY? 

Pick a goal. Stick to it. Make it happen. You CAN do it. 

Today in spin I re-realized something that I haven't thought about in a while. Nobody can make us do anything. I have clients that come in some days, and it seems like I might literally have to take a shephards hook to get them to work out for the day, but at the end of the hour, every ounce that they put in comes from within them. Be it a half energy effort or the best workout they've ever had. Whatever they decided to do came from inside them. So, find that desire inside yourself to change your outlook. What are you going to put in to making things happen for yourself. Find that and decide, What are you going to do TODAY?

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The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I love this post! It is so true.... It seems like life only gets busier. We have to start today! Ah I just love your posts, you are so motivational! I don't know what I am going to do while you are in Arizona!