Sunday, November 7, 2010


It's 1:05 AM. I should be asleep, but we just watched a movie that I managed to sleep all the way through, so I think I got a second wind. I actually wanted to see if my clock on my phone would change because Blackberries are known to be fickle at times with the time change situation. The good totally did, so although it actually feels like 2:05 AM right now I just gained an hour. I love this part of daylight savings. The part where I get to sleep in instead of forcing myself to get up an hour earlier. Man spring is brutal!  
My advice to you? Utilize this hour to get into some good habits this week! If you are used to getting up at 7 for work, keep your body on the same schedule. Get up at 6 next week and get to the gym! Time-wise, your body won't know any different, but it will feel great from getting an early morning workout in. You'll even get a little extra sunlight in the morning!

P.S. Today was an incredibly beautiful day. I can't believe it's the first week in November. I'm sad to see the weather turn worse this week. I'm not ready. All I could think about today was how it was perfect weather for running outside and I wished I was doing it. My ankle is still giving me issues. One of these days!