Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exercise of the Week: New Circuit Workout

Saturday's are glorious.They just are. This morning was our work Christmas Party for Elevate. It was so much fun! We had a breakfast and just hung out at this sweet barn in Wallsburg. I was reminded once again how lucky I am to work with such great people. Cody and her husband Trevor are some of the greatest, most positive, fit, fun, and loving people I know. I feel totally blessed to get to work with such great people.

I usually go to spin in the morning on Saturdays, and I try to get in some extra cardio and lifting on the side because Sunday is my rest day. Because of the party my workout grove was thrown off a bit, and I came home not so jazzed about going to the gym. I hate when that happens. I think my body was sad it didn't get to spin or something...I decided something was better than nothing, so I went and did a circuit workout. I like circuit workouts because you multitask. Resistance training mixed with cardio, and some elevated heart rates make for a good calorie burning session. It went a little something like this...

Warp Up: Jog @ 6.5 for 5 mins

Circuit rotation #1
- 15 Weighted Burpees w/15 lb DB's - Set weights down, jump feet back, push up, jump feet in, stand up and do a shoulder press. They are dang hard.
- 30 alternating walking lunges with a twist w/15 lb DB - hold one dumbbell out in from of you with both arms take a wide step into a lunge and twist over the front foot. Repeat with the next leg. 
- 2 minute plank alternating leg lifts 
- 3 min cardio burst (I did 6.5 run on treadmill with the incline varying from 6.5-9)
(Repeat this 2-3 times)

Circuit rotation #2
- 24 Plank Rear Rows w/15 lb DB's - Plank position with extended hands on top of the dumbbells. Alternating rear rows.
- 15 Squats with a wide bicep curl w/15 lb DB
- 12 single leg rear lunge on physioball on right leg (place left leg on physio ball behind you, shoelaces down and lunge back slowly, letting the ball roll with your foot)
- 12 single leg rear lunge on physioball on left leg
- 3 min cardio burst (for this set I did sprints on the elliptical, level 15, RPM above 8)
(Repeat this 2-3 times)

You'll sweat. Promise. 
I finished with ten minutes on the elliptical. My plan was to do at least 30 more minutes of cardio, but  after 10 I had to peace because I just reallllly wasn't feeling it. Happens to the best of us I guess.

Oh p.s. I froze my homemade granola bars yesterday after I made them, and I had one with a salad for lunch today. They're even better cold...a chilled sweet treat. So worth it.


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I missed you woman!! Never again. That circuit workout looks hard core. Reminds me of when we did those things together and I would be sore for 8 days:) This week for sure. Friday is my last day of work and we leave saturday after spin....but I am free any night!

Katefreak said...

Wow, that circuit workout would kick my fanny into next week. Maybe someday I will get up the guts to try it.

I love how you say a "jog" is at 6.5. That's my RUN. Lol. One day I hope to be able say that.

Good for you!