Friday, December 17, 2010

Music makes me lose control.

I love music. In all settings really. I love it in my car, when I'm cleaning, at church, and MOST DEFINITELY when I'm working out. It is amazing the ability it has to totally pump me up. I have danced since I was a little girl, and I think that is part of the reason why I love it so much. I think it is such an amazing way to convey emotions. What can I say...I'm a slave to the beat! One of my hobbies is searching for new music. I get so excited when I find new fun, great songs. There is nothing like the first few days when you find a new song that you absolutely LOVE, and you just want to play it over and over and over.

The other morning I had to be at work for my 5:45 AM client and I was SUPER tired, due to only sleeping like four hours the night before. Why I do that to myself sometimes I don't know? I was really tired trying my best to be as awake and positive as I could be when One of my favorite 80's songs came on. I was like a new person. Magic I tell you. Magic.

I can remember when I ran the Salt Lake marathon a couple years ago, and I was on mile 25. They changed the course so the finish was different than what I had thought it was. The last mile was uphill, which after 25 miles is a little disheartening if you aren't expecting it. It was right at that moment that Eminem's "Lose Yourself," came on my beloved Ipod. (What would I do w/out that thing???) You can laugh at me, but that is one of my favorite running songs. It ALWAYS pumps me up, no matter what. I got a huge second wind, and I was able to pick up my pace and bust it through to the end. It was awesome.  
I have had this experience several times, I start to feel tired and then a new song gives me a boost of energy! It's amazing how music has the power to do that. I actually get excited to get to the gym and workout when I have a bunch of new music. This months mix has some super fun songs that I'm loving right now.

December's 2010 Sweating Out The Sweets Mix

Higher - Flo Rida Feat. The Saturdays
That's All She Wrote - T.I. Feat. Eminem 
Yeah X3 (Bartletta Remix) - Chris Brown
Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
We Used To Wait - Arcade Fire
Fly - Nicki Minaj Feat. Rihanna
Not Lost - T.I. Feat. B.O.B.
Coming Home - Diddy Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey
Please Don't Go - Mike Posner
Forget You - Glee Cast Feat. Gweneth Paltrow
Higher - Taio Cruz
Indestructible - Robyn
Forever La Vida - Mash Up with Drake, Coldplay, Eminem, Lil' Wayne & Kanye West (Amazing.)
Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap
The Other Side - Bruno Mars ft. Cee Lo Green & B.O.B. 
You Sleep Alone - Hellogoodbye
I Can Be - Taio Cruz
The Time (The Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas *This was on my last playlist, but it's just SO good.
Gravity - Lucy Schwartz (Cool Down)

In the past I have always posted my favorite new workout playlists for you to see, but because it's the holiday season and all, I thought I'd get real generous and send one of YOU a copy, (As well as a Christmas surprise!)

So, in order to win...
1) Become a follower
2) Leave a comment telling me what your favorite workout song is right now :)

You have until Thursday, December 23rd to enter. I will choose the winner using The winner will be announced on Friday, December 24th.


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

AHHH SO FUN!!! I know exactly where you are talking about with the marathon. Kicked. My. Trash. Love that song. You know I am totally your number one follower. My favorite workout songs right now are The Time and Like a G6. Hope you get feeling better!

Englishfam said...

My favorite right now is Pink-Raise your glass. Pumps me up! But my all time fave that is Mr. Brightside by the Killers. Best running song ever. I hope I win!!

Shannon said...

The Riplets-Hey Mickey and T-Pain-Church are a couple of my favorites. The other day I was running when it was freezing cold and the wind was blowing like mad and the first song that came on was It's Getting Hot in Here.

camiwells said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! When I am in a slump working out I will take the time to shuffle through my songs to find a good one! A good pick me up right now is the time by black eyed peas. I hope I win bc I love youre music choices and I cant steal them from you like the good old times!

Erin Masi said...

I'm a follower!! Love your blog! My favorite work out song right now is Higher by Taio Cruz! Love him!

Rochelle said...

That's so funny - I am in love with the "forget you" by the glee cast as well as "I'm not afraid" by Eminem. I am not even a rap fan - but for some reason that song does it for me! And an always favorite is "Forever" by Chris Brown

Merediths said...

You are so awesome. I love reading this blog. Such a motivator. My favorite song right now is We No Speak Americano (aka "the had dancing song" via Ruby). I hope I win the CD! I could use some good motivation as I get back into the workout routine! :) :) :)

Johnny & Callie Bowers said...

I just love your blog! The best songs to get me working out like crazy is Like a G6! Love your motivating words! Keep it up girl!

Greg and Michelle said...

I love music too when I work out! This morning Coldplay-Viva La Vida came on and it gave me that extra kick I needed. This would be so fun!

Kara and Glen said...

I beg to differ, Janae, I'm her biggest fan/follower. I'm your freaking stalker! I love your lists, I want to add them to my ipod right now. I ran the other day to Sean Kingston, Fire Burning the other was a good beat for the 'pace' I was going.

Anonymous said...

I follow you :-)

Anonymous said...

Great playlist. My favourite workout song at the moment is "Club Can't Handle Me Now" by Florida w/David Guetta. Awesome!

Mrs. D said...

THE TIME is the best song of all december workouts!!

Danielle said...

Ojos Asi by Shakira. Not new at all...and not your typical workout song, but it's awesome for Zumba, which is my workout method of choice ;)

Jilly Bean said...

Honestly, I need some new workout songs. I'm training for my first half and could really use some excitement in my running life! I usually listen to books on tape while I run, but would love to try some new music out!

Natalie Cates said...

Today, my favorite workout song is Like a G6 - I love it!!! I teach Zumba, and my new favorite Zumba song is "La Luz Del Flow."

Anonymous said...

I'm SO ashamed to admit this but I'm a huge fan of the new Kesha song. The shame I have is unreal!

Heather said...

I just became a follower...and I have so many favorite songs! But, I'll pick one - I really like The Time right now. I just love all kinds of music!

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

Following you :)
I love Firework by Katy Perry right now!
Makes me work harder ya know!

Nicole said...

This is so sweet! Some of my current favorites are The Time, Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor) by Pitbull, and What's My Name by Rhianna and Drake.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! My favorite right now is Pink's Raise Your Glass!

ashley.warner said...

I am not the best runner, but I do love to get my sweat on to "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship - one of my faves!

I love your blog too! :)
thanks for the inspiration!

Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

Sadly, now that I run indoors on the treadmill I just watch a tv show or movie. But when I was running outside with my ipod I loved listening to some of the Glee hits. I know, I am such a nerd.

Ok, I didn't recognize anyone in your dad's pictures. But my maiden name is Mortensen. There are a ton of us in the Valley so I'm sure he knows one or two or ten of them! Drive safe tomorrow!

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