Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting Back In The Groove

Getting into a good fitness routine is a great habit to form. Unfortunately, sometimes when things get crazy it is a habit that we let go. Regarding this topic my darling friend, Cami asked this question...

"What would you recommend for someone who hasn't lifted weights in a long time like longer than 3 months to start back doing? Like twice a week? a few reps? Lower weight? I just am used to what I used to do before, and I know if I do that I wont be able to walk after!! Does that make sense?"

Of course that makes sense! When you get out of the groove of your normal routine one of the daunting parts of getting back into it is knowing how to get there again. It can seem daunting to jump in to a difficult routine, where you may have left off, knowing it is going to be just that. Difficult. The best way to get back into your routine is to ease into it. 

Ideally, I would recommend lifting weights at least three times a week, but to start back into it you might want to give your muscles a couple days recovery in between. Twice a week for the first two weeks will probably get you there. Since everyone's level of strength and reaction to strength training is different; gauge your initially frequency on how you feel. On your first day back do lighter weights and aim to do 15-20 repetitions. Do this for your first couple of weeks, and as soon as you feel like you have built up that initial base of strength increase your weight and lower your repetitions to 8-12 reps per set.

So to break it down simply...
- lift weights 2-3 times per week
- use a lower weight, and slowly increase
- do 15-20 repetitions for each set 

The truth is, more than likely you will be a little sore, BUT soreness is a good thing. It means your muscles are changing, which is what you want! Muscle improvement comes from stressing the muscles, and allowing them to recover. In recovery your muscles rebuild themselves, and become stronger. Be sure to warm up, cool down, and stretch out sufficiently each time. If you are really feeling the soreness use a foam roller to roll out and take some ibuprofen. Be consistent with getting back into the swing of things. If you lift once, and then wait three weeks to lift again you're going to be sore. If you keep your body moving, you'll be able to work past that sore stage quicker. 

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