Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Holiday Treat You'll Be Craving

My core body temperature must be like ten degrees colder than normal, because I swear I'm always cold! I love warm foods in the winter to warm up my chilled bones. One of my favorite body warming treats is Swiss Miss Sugar Free Hot Chocolate. There is sixty calories in one serving. I like to make it with a cup of skim milk which means there is a total of 140 calories and and 10 grams of protein.  These pictures are from last Christmas. My mom woke us up to a hot chocolate bar. Skim milk all heated and ready to go in the hot chocolate maker. We had sugar free Swiss Miss, chocolate raspberry, dolce de leche, and mint flavored hot chocolate to choose from. There was fat free whipped cream, crushed candy cane, graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows and flavored syrup as toppings.
Too bad this photo is kinda blurry...cause MAN mine was good. I chose Sugar Free Swiss Miss, whipped cream, and dusted it with a little bit of graham cracker and candy cane. SO GOOD. I think this is such a good sweet fix for a cold wintery night.
When I was flying home to Arizona for Thanksgiving this past November and my plane was delayed a few hours I was starving, and freezing. As I was walking around trying to find myself something healthy to eat I contemplated getting some Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate, because man it's delicious. I decided to check the nutritional info on it, because I'm crazy like that...I found that for a Tall (which is the smallest size they offer, 12 oz) with skim milk  and no whipped cream, it's about 260 calories. For a Grande (16 oz) it's 344 calories, and for a Venti (20 oz) it's 566 calories. YIKES! That just didn't sit so well with me...I prefer my 140 calories thank you. For some reason I feel ok with spending 250 calories on some fat-free frozen yogurt, but on hot chocolate? No can do. Is that weird? Probably. Do you have things you'll splurge on, and other things you don't find worth touching with a ten foot pole?

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