Monday, August 8, 2011

August Album Giveaway Winner!

Today is the day.
The winner of the August Album Giveaway (chosen by is  #18 ROXY!!
Roxy said...
Roxy and I used to be roomies, once upon a time. We actually trained for the SLC marathon together, until a stress fracture got the best of her. Dang bones...who need em? She is getting married here in a couple weeks, and I'm so excited for her!! Hope you enjoy the new tunes Roxies!

The trip thus far has been nothing short of fabulous.
The 10 hour road trip to AZ is always worth it. 
Yesterday consisted of sleeping in, church, an awesome dinner prepped by my sister Nichole, some side-by-side pinning on Pinterest, and a family movie night. We watched Braveheart. SO inspiring. I think it might be one of my new top five movies. I hate blood, gore, and guts, so I was glad we found an edited version. I still just want to talk in a Scottish accent. "FREEDOM!!!!!" Thank you William Wallace.

Today did not disappoint. 

We started off the morning at one of my favorite Arizona locations, Last Chance.
I scored some awesome New Balance Minimus Shoes. I won't be running in them, but being as how I wear workout clothes all day every day I am always itching for some new kicks.
(Why does this angle always make your calves look so huge and monstrous?)
I also came away with a new Hobo wallet. I've wanted one forever, so I was VERY excited about that.
We followed shopping with pedicures,  (I'll spare you another foot picture) and lunched at one of my favorite healthy places, Pita Jungle. Ohhh if I could just have one in UT...probably a good thing we don't.

I had grilled veggies and grilled chicken.

Super tasty. Please go there if you are ever in the area. You will thank me, and so will your taste buds.
Let's be honest, If you are ever in the area I will give you a list of things you MUST do. It might be long...I have so many favorites. 

The rest of the night went like this...
- Salad Bar with mom at Jason's Deli (my m&d have been in ut for 5 weeks, so the cupboards are pretty bare.)
- Marshalls
-Trader Joe's
- Weights work out with Mom and Nichole (I wore my new NB shoes, and they are awesome for lifting in. Still pretty sure I won't be doing much cardio in them, though.)
- Watching the Bachelor Pad with Mama Cita

I feel good about it. 

Have you ever worn any of the minimally inspired shoes? (Nike Free's, NB minimus etc.) I have LOVED my frees for everything BUT running. Running in the frees = stress fracture. Boo. I think they are darling though. Great for work. Any Bachelor Pad viewers?


Miss Erosion said...

You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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Julie said...

I only wear Frees now...for running, walking the dog, going to the grocery store. They have totally helped me as I recovered from my last injury and I believe have been instrumental in getting me running again.I was worried they wouldn't handle well with higher mileage, but I got up to 16 miles this year with no troubles. I'm hoping they continue to work for me.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Fun fun fun!! Love the new kicks and yes I wear racing flats for short distance races but nothing more than a 10k. I just started using them and love them so far. Hopefully I wont break a bone? Eeeek now I'm a little frightened.

Kelsey said...

what you talking about girl, your calves still look fabulous in that picture! not to mention how much i love those shoes!! <3

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