Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Holy Guacamole!

I am a total sucker for some good guacamole. In my striving to add in some healthy fats into my diet I have been eating a lot of avocados. Man, they are delicious, aren't they? I have been eating them plain, putting them in wraps, and yesterday I came up with the best combo yet.

The easiest guacamole EVER.
Now, don't get me wrong. My dad's guac is TO DIE FOR. I just don't have the time/patience when I am trying to whip up a quick meal for myself to go to all that trouble. So the solution:

Avocado + Fiesta/Taco Seasoning...mashed up with a fork = Easiest Guacamole Ever...and SO TASTY!
I ate mine with some oven baked tortilla chips and my healthy chicken salad.
It was really filling and so healthy. Not much to it. It is a very simple meal that just required a little creativity. As I was eating this guacamole I kept thinking about how good it would be on a wrap or sandwich, or a salad. YUM! The possibilities are endless.

I am alternating my workouts with three short high intensity interval workouts and 3 intense full body lifting workouts.

Today was a cardio day. I did 3.5 miles of interval sprints which was quick and killer.
Yesterday I got in a great lifting workout.

Warm up 10 minutes on treadmill

3 sets alternating
12 squats with the leg press sled @ 270 lbs 
12 lat pull downs with the free motion machine @60 lbs

3 sets alternating
15 Squat throws with the 18 lb medicine ball
12 Bicep curls balancing on one foot with 20 lb db's
1 minute Plank with feet up on the med ball 

3 sets alternating 
12 chest flies on bench with feet up in the air (to make you balance and tighten your core) w/ 20 lb db's
15 sit ups with one of the 20 lb db's on the bench. (Press db up into the air as you sit up)
20 wide squat w/ alternating over the top presses w/18 lb med ball

2 sets alternating
10 R&L around the world med ball core rotations (18 lb med ball)
20 med ball throw downs (18 lb med ball)

2nd workout of the day...stressing over the bachelorette. We had a viewing party with like 30 people, and it was all sorts of intense. We were all sweating over it! I feel good about the result though. I am not a huge Ashley fan...and not a huge JP fan...so I'm glad they ended up together :) Why is the bachelorette like a train wreck I can't get away from...oh well glad it's over! 

What is your favorite way to eat avocados? Were you happy with the outcome of the bachelorette?? Any bachelor pad fans? I have never seen it. It looks kinda trashy, no?


Ashley said...

I'll be posting this recipe and my thoughts on it on my blog Friday, but it was a pretty good one!


Angie said...

Guac = heaven. Love it!

I knew she would pick JP. If they're happy, then more power to them. I watched the last Bachelor Pad and it looks crazy the way they edit it, but it is a game for $$ and it gets interesting....but there's always the element of "trash" involved, ha!

Anonymous said...

I love avocados!!! I make an "easy guac" with spices, sriracha, and nonfat Greek yogurt. It's so so so good and spicy!

I don't watch the Bachelorette (I know, I'm the only one lol). The only reality TV I really watch is Chopped, Next Food Network Star, and Top Chef. I'm a food dork, and it's okay with me. :)

I did a version of this weight lifting working this morning (I had to make a few changes since I was working out at home instead of the gym), but it was a GREAT workout! Thanks for always inspiring my workouts!

ynny said...

Hey Duck Beach buddy :) I discovered a great new breakast- whole grain toast with sliced avocado, a tiny EVOO drizzle, and a pinch o sea salt. Curbs hunger like nobody's business!

Suzanne said...

Thank you for the inspiration and good eats! I really am enjoying your blog

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love Avacados! Your workout is so intense. Love it!

Please teach me to love full body workouts like you do. I just cannot seem to get into them. Great work!

Julia said...

hahaha. totally agree about the bachelorette. at first i was mad she didnt pick ben and then i was like GOOD THING...he is too amazing for her.

your workout was amazing. absolutely awesome!

Carrie said...

I LOVE avocado's. I like them mashed with a pinch of garlic salt, yum!

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