Sunday, August 28, 2011

Neighborhood Sundays and Getting Ready for a New Week

I've fallen in love with summer nights. There is just something so amazing about being able to walk outside and enjoy getting out of the house at a perfect temperature. Sunday evening was one of those.
These beautiful summer evenings are dwindling. My challenge to you? Take advantage of some good weather and GET ACTIVE! Our Sunday stroll in the canyon was definitely a favorite outdoor evening activity of mine this summer. We made yesterday's outing just as fun!
Go for a walk, longboard, ride your bikes, play catch, get a game of football going, or walk to a neighbors house for a visit.
 These temps won't be here forever, so take advantage.
 I know I will.
This past week was a rough one for me. Having a few days not feeling good last week really threw a wrench in things.  I missed a couple workouts from feeling nauseous, and nothing sounded good to me to eat. The thought of eating meat, greek yogurt, and all my other basics just sounded awful. The only thing that sounded good to me was cold cereal. I felt like my macro nutrient percentages were all over the place, and I wasn't on top of my eating/exercise game.

I'm finally feeling back on top of things, and I'm ready to start over this week. I'm going to start the week off by setting some goals.

Very simple goals, but what I need to get me back on track; Cut out the snacking, get back into my normal food routine, and get my workouts in everyday.

Today is going to be a photo food day. I have people that ask me what I eat daily, and so I'm going to kill two birds with one stone here. Knowing I'll be documenting my food for the day will help me to get back on track, and will also give peeps an idea of what I eat in a normal day.

What are your favorite summer evening activities? Are you taking advantage of these final summer nights? It's amazing how much easier it is to be active when you can go outside and have decent weather to do so. Do you have any goals for the upcoming week?


Rachelle Wardle said...

What a fun night! I love all of the pictures and you are right Summer is seriously the best. Why must it end?

I am glad you are feeling better and hope you have a fabulous week! :)

Rene said...

We finally had a pleasant summer night here in Texas and I spent it watching my son's football practice.
Goal for the week - get in all of my training runs this week. My longs runs have suffered because I haven't been keeping up with my training schedule.
Glad you're feeling better.

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