Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mama Cita Gets an A+ For Road Trip Prepraredness

I decided last minute to make the weekend drive to Arizona with my mom and dad yesterday. I have talked before about some tips to keep yourself healthy on road trips. My mom definitely gets a gold star for her preparations yesterday.

She had a cooler prepped with...
Fresh cut veggies (carrots, tomatoes, and peppers) and hummus
 Fresh cherries
 apples and apricots
some frozen zucchini cookies which we had whipped up last week and stuck in the freezer.
(my whole fam kinda loves them...)
 some green and red grapes
almonds, fiber one bars, and reduced fat wheat thins
We also had plenty of mints, gum, and water. You did great mom. Reeaaaal great. 

It is amazing how much easier it is to avoid all the crappy junk food when you have plenty of healthy good options instead! 

What are your favorite road trip treats? I like to have a nice cold diet dr. pepper along side all these awesome goodies.


Anonymous said...

Diet DP, of course. I usually eat junk on raod trips. Thanks for the great ideas for snacks. It's pretty easy prep and makes a huge difference.

Elle said...

Wow! She sure does deserve an A+... that is a great travel feed.

I like to use a cooler too... freggies, cheeses, hardboiled eggs. I also like those little packets of chicken/tuna salad with crackers.

hurray for road trips!

Emily @ Life on Food said...

I always pack a few cookies to share to have something sweet but the other standbys are apples, carrot sticks and granola bars. Most importantly is water. I cannot live without a bottle near me.

Rachelle Wardle said...

So fun!! I love roadtrips.

Favorite road trip snacks are twizzlers, pretzels, and taffy. Not healthy at all but so so good. :)

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