Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to The Beehive State

Blogging in the Car. This really must be 2011...Funny, if you would have said the word, "blogging 10 years ago I think people would have said, "huh? Is that like a graceful form of jogging?" We are so advanced these days...

Tomorrow I will be thrown abruptly back into real life. Rumor has it I'll be stepping into like 5 degree temps, which means, "stepping back into real life," is going to be more like running head on into a frozen glass window. Brrrr... In a way I welcome the routine. I like my food schedule, and my controlled environment, but I will definitely miss my Arizona Christmas.

Things I've enjoyed this past week...
- sleeping in
- having no time contraints
- running outside
- cheesy Hallmark Holiday movies
- hanging out with my family (games, movies, baking, being lazy, etc.)
(Me and my brother Ty. We are nerds who love our macs.)
- an abundance of good food
- lots of laughing
- stealing the best seat on the couch from my mom
- shopping
 My brother found these men's jeggings at Nordstrom Rack. SO GROSS. He would have gladly tried them on for me, had they not been too small. Dang it. (If you haven't seen the Conan video about man-jeggings, please click the worth it.)

- Tagging along with my mom and sister :)
- Hanging out with my niece
I am eleven years older than she is, but she's basically my little sister. She's darling and she thinks I'm funny. I'm pretty sure if you laugh at my jokes we are best friends instantly. 
- staying up late. I'm really good at that.
- my dad showing up with a beverage for me from QT 
- my "free days" of eating the sweet really is as good as they say it is.
- warm weather & sunshine (please don't make me go back to the cold...please...) 

Things I am looking forward to...
- a schedule. As much as I love a non-schedule, I like to have my gym time, my meal times, my sleep time, etc.
- my gym time. I love to work out, and vacation always throws off my workout schedule a little. I'll be glad to be back in it, and hopefully back to my running! And yes, Janae...can't WAIT for spin! I've missed you.
- my food. I am ready to be in the mode of eating well again. Not that I've eaten horrible since I've been here, but it's always good to be in a good routine.
- work/my clients. I do miss them. I'm excited to get them pumped for the new year, and to stop hearing about Christmas Goodies!!!!! ;) I work with incredible peeps, and I'm excited to see them all.
- Some fun blogger surprises in the mail! I love mail!!!! I mean I love email and all that too...but mail is soooooo fun!
-no more sugar. It's amazing how eating great makes you feel good, and eating crappy makes you feel crappy. I profound. 
- MY SISTER!!!!!!!! The one I mentioned before, Lindsey...the always-looks-perfect one, moved back to UT while I was gone in Arizona and I am SO EXCITED!! She is one of my bestest friends in this whole world, and her darling family lives about 4 minutes from my house. I was heart broken when they moved to Texas, but they are back!
- My friends. I so excited to see all of my besties.

It really is getting colder and colder the closer we get to Utah...boooo. Kate...don't be mad if I show up on your doorstep in Cali, k?!?!? I should invent some awesome workout to do in the car...then I'll be rich and famous. I wanna be a billionaire soooo freaking bad. Now you can tell I'm just bored...I'll leave you be. But please feel free to send comments my way if you're bored. I'll be reading blogs all day, but sadly I can't comment...

So, are you weird like me? Do you enjoy your routine or would you rather fly by the seat of your pants? Hahah...I just imagined myself actually flying around by some cord attached to my pants...awesome. Do you like to be in your normal environment or do you do well out of your element? Do you want to be a billionaire, so freaking bad? ;)


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You had such a fabulous break!! And, your bro with the "jeggings"! Hilarious!!

It would be soooo tough to leave AZ and return to 5 degrees. but, I totally feel you on the routine/schedule.

Hoping your transition to "Normal" goes well!

Nichole said...

Fun times! We miss you already! When is the next road trip! Don't freeze to death and thanks for motivating me to kick my lazy butt in to gear! Love you!!!!

Heather said...

I love holidays, food, family, fun, all that but I'm the same as you: I LOVE getting back into a routine! Life is good!! Happy new year!!

Kate said...

So, I checked my doorstep this morning and you weren't there! There was a lousy bag of garbage I forgot to take out and that's it! What the heck?

Janae is your spin instructor? How cool is that!

I love Conan. Anything he says makes me (almost) pee my pants.

Sorry you have to endure those crazy, cold temps. You'll be my neighbor in no time so don't sweat it. :)

Allie said...

As much as I LOVED being on Christmas break- I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! Starting tomorrow it's get up at 7, go to work in the hospital, exercise, eat well, etc. I like feeling productive and focused- these are my goals for 2011. Looks like you had so much fun on vacation, good luck with getting back to reality :-)

Judi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is always fun to meet new bloggers! We spent four years in Utah at the University of Utah. Love, love the mountains and miss them so much! Not very many places to hike here in Indiana! :(

I'm all about routine - kids do better and so do I!

Stop by again . . .

Judi @ twelvefitfeet

Jen said...

I really like my schedule too although it is fun once in a while to be able to have a little freedom to do whatever. I'm so sorry that you had to return to the frozen land after being spoiled in AZ. It's been really cold here lately. I hope it warms up to the 30's at least! Love all your pictures! You and your sis are so cute!

Christina said...

Cute pic of you and your bro!
I'm planning on running the Notre Dame Holy Half. It's a pretty nice course that runs through the campus.

Page said...

Aweeeee, it sounds like you had so much fun and I'm pretty sure those man jeggings are 100% hotness! ;)

Welcome back to the schedule and thanks for the tip on the pre-made chicken above. I only eat chicken or turkey too bc I'm bad about getting enough protein in, so thanks again!

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