Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring it on 2011.

 It happened. 2011 is here. I hope you all had rocking parties or quiet evenings at home...whatever it was you were hoping to do. I hope you did it. We celebrated with laughter, fireworks, and dry cleaner bag hot air balloons.
 Aren't they beautiful?
 and aren't they beautiful?
 These peeps are my parents (The Piano Man himself and my mama cita) and my sister Nichole and her awesome hubby. All such great people.

We had a great night. This was the first New Years Eve that I spent with my family instead of with my friends out on the town, since I was super young. We had such a great time. I loved every minute!
I chose this darling boy to be my new years sweetheart. Don't you just wanna eat him right up?? I'm not really sure why I look like a gremlin in this photo? You win some you lose some, right?

For as much as I think New Years Eve is overrated, I LOVE what the new year brings. I am a definitely list maker and a goal setter. I look forward to the new year to reevaluate what I've accomplished in the past year, and what I want to do to make the upcoming year better. I love using this time of year as a sort of, "recharge," for my clients as well. When you are making goals for the new year don't try to change the world in one day. The chances of you becoming a new person from December 31st to January 1st is pretty slim, so start small and build! If you want to become vegan, exercise for two hours every day, lose 70 pounds, and start cooking all three meals a day at home, and you think that isn't going to be overwhelming you have super human powers, and I'd like them...Start with one goal, one meal, one workout; whatever it takes to get you from one accomplishment to the next.

My health & fitness goals for 2011 are...
1. Run a half marathon in under 1:45 (I realize this is turtle pace to some of you, but after recovering from my foot injury I have to start somewhere!)
2. Run another marathon 
3. Add another Sugar Free Year (exceptions: frozen yogurt & Mentos)
4. Record Food (The best way to keep myself in line. I enjoy it in this weird way.)
5. Add yoga to my fitness routine
This is my list for still needs some tweaking...

Happy New Years!!! Did you have a Happy New Years Eve? Did you party hard? Go to bed early? Make a list of resolutions? Do you have goals for the new year?


Katefreak said...

I like your list! I spent New Year's Ever watching one of my favorite shows and sleeping! :)

Hope you have a blessed 2011!

Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

Happy New Year! I want to add yoga to my workout routine as well! Your family is too cute!

Abby said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you had a great night!

I get excited this time of year for my clients too! We start a biggest loser competition this Friday. My team won it last year, and I want them to win it again this year!

We took the kids bowling last night and then to some friends and played cards, it was fun!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Your family is adorable and that little boy....I might steal him. Love your goals! What marathon?!?! AHH that makes me so so happy!! I just want a sub 3 marathon-that is my only resolution. I have problems. Can't wait to see you in t-minus 2 days but I can wait to get back to the cold. LOVE YOU!

Jody, RD said...

Mentos seem like a pretty tasty exception to the sugar-ban.

I've started doing yoga since my pregnancy early in the year. I've continued it now post-partum and I've noticed significant improvements in my flexibility.

Jenn said...

You hardly look like a Gremlin-ha! There's no way I'm posting any pictures of me from last night-I guarantee no one would EVER believe I was stone cold sober!

That boy is a doll! Your whole family-beautiful!!

Wishing you the very best with all of your goals for 2011!

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