Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm going to have to get used to that. I'll probably still write 2010 until like September at least. Today is my last day in Arizona. I'm not so much looking forward to the drive back. That is for certain. I've been soaking up my last lazy day as much as possible. (I didn't shower until 4:00 PM...oops.)

I spent the morning with my mom, sewing in my jammies. I make these sassy hospital gowns for my pregger friends, so they can look darling when birthing their babies. I made this one for my fabulous sister, Lindsey.
 There is a cute pink sash that goes around the middle too. They are super fun! Can you believe she had just had her baby when this picture was taken? She looks cute %100 percent of the time. I don't get it...It's unfair.

I wanted to start 2011 feeling good and clean, so I've paid special attention to my food today. (Clean on on the inside and not the outside apparently, judging by my 4PM shower.) I purposely decreased my carbohydrate intake and increased my protein for the day.

Breakfast: I had my favorite oatmeal. I also made it a point to drink 100 oz of water today to help me feel cleansed. (Yes, I've had to pee like every 10 minutes...)

Lunch: I had a strawberry banana protein shake with some added blueberries and flax.
 and half of a PB banana protein bar
Snack: The other half of my protein bar. A few almonds, a clementine and a couple Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, and some water of course.

Dinner: We ate at a yummy place called Liberty Market in Gilbert, AZ. I had a some hummus, a dinner salad, and minestrone soup that may just be better than my beloved Carrabba's minestrone.

Snack: We finished out the evening with some Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt. I had a mini 1/2 cakebatter 1/2 peanut butter cup. Only 100 calories for a mini there. Perfect treat.

While I was sewing today I had TLC on in the background. Some show about "the half-ton man" was on. Have you ever seen it?? It is such a sad special about this guy that is bed-ridden because he is so incredibly overweight. The part that killed me the most was his philosophy of why he got to where he was. He kept saying, "I know I'm not overeating. It is just my genetics." It later mentioned he would eat 30,000 calories in one day. Not overeating? I guess if you're splitting that between a family of 18.

This can be a very controversial topic, and I am only sharing my viewpoint on the matter. I do believe that for some there is a genetic component, but I think that far too many Americans are using, "bad genetics," as a scapegoat for bad behavior.

The way that your fat is deposited on your body is definitely genetic, as is your bone structure, height, and frame. These can all play a part in determining the way you look, but I think far too often people confuse bad or good habits with genetics. A family that deep fries everything, slathers all foods in butter, considers cheese a necessary topping, and considers the 4th meal to be part of a balanced diet shouldn't be attributing their weight gain to "genetics." There are some exceptions to this, I realize, but I just hate to see people short-change themselves because they think they are a lost cause. You aren't. Anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape, and improve their own lifestyle can do it. Whether your family is heavier set or rail thin, don't let that determine what YOUR healthy outcome is going to be. Change is possible for anyone. You just have to be willing to put in the work.

I hope your first day of 2011 has been great. I feel good about it so far. Do you ever get stuck watching shows on TLC or is that just me? Do you think that weight loss/gain is strictly genetic or something that is within your control??


LoriV. said...

I believe wholeheartedly it's within your control. Now, there are some medications and things like that that can cause you to gain weight, but getting to an obese or morbidly obese state is not caused by genetics or meds or anything besides overeating. Now, of course genetics can be part of it because of the mental aspects of it, depression and other mental illness does run in families. But still, people are definitely using scapegoats more and more these days.

Katefreak said...

I think genetics definitely play a part. To a point. Your genetics may never allow you to be a 5 foot 100 pound girl, but that doesn't mean the Supersize french fry you eat every day isn't contributing to those extra 30 pounds. Besides, if you don't have discipline in your diet, and exercise, how can you KNOW it's genetics? You've never given it shot!

Abby said...

I totally agree with you on your viewpoint of the genetics and weight loss.

I love gowns you made, SO cute and what an awesome idea!

I cleaned up the diet yesterday too. Carbs stayed high since I ran, but today is a rest day so they will go down. It feels good to not eat junk :)

Have a safe trip home!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh - those gowns are a GREAT idea!!! The hospital gowns are horrible... :)

My funny TLC story: so we only have network tv, so when we go out of town we get excited about cable. When we were gone for my marathon, I spent hours the day after watching TLC - the same show over and over (the wedding dress one - I know, sad that I can't think of the name). My poor hubby. :) He was so nice to let me watch it. I told him if we could JUST get TLC I would cave and get cable. :) We are both very cheap, I mean frugal, and neither of us want it, but it's fun to watch when we get a chance! :)