Thursday, January 6, 2011

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

Fsh. I have to say THANK YOU for all of your steel cut oats wisdom. Thank you for your tips and your recipes. Seriously, you guys are the bomb. Apparently whatever blogs I've read in the past about putting protein in oatmeal were completely fabricated because ALL of you told me you hated it. Detested it actually. I'm going to work on this one, and when I come out with the best steel cut oats recipe known to man that is not a breakfast FAIL, I'll gladly share it with you. I can promise you that it will be sans protein powder, and NOT cooked in the microwave as you so wisely advised me. I am also glad to hear that all of you seem to love breakfast as much as I do. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Upon returning back to work on Monday all of my coworkers and I were feeling a little "over-Christmas-ed," if you will. As I've mentioned earlier this week, I was rip-roarin' ready to get back into my routine and get in gear. All of the staff at Elevate, my place of work, was feeling the same. So, we decided that we should engage in a little competition as to who could lose the most weight in 4 weeks and then keep it off for 6 weeks. (This is so people don't just attempt to starve themselves to win.) 
Now, there are a few things you must know...

1) place of a triathlon training gym. We also do physical therapy, chiropractics, basic weight loss coaching, personal training, nutrition counseling...etc. I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach there. Best. Job. Ever.
2) My coworkers are HARDCORE. We're talking marathon runners, iron men, personal trainers, athletes...etc. The owner of Elevate is planning to run a 100 miler in UT in September. These people aren't wussy by any means. 
3) They know what they are doing. This competition isn't between a bunch of people who, "might go for a run tomorrow," which makes the competition that much more exciting. I know everyone is going to be intense about it. Fun huh??

This is the reasoning behind all of my talk of wanting to get my protein percentages up. I'm shooting for 25-30% of my calories coming from protein, 50-55% from carbohydrates, and 20-25% coming from fat. I've been keeping very strict track of my calories, and putting in some serious time at the gym. I'm not going to feels SO good. I forget how much I love to be in control of my food...I'm totally weird, I know. I have some specific goals I want to meet, and win or lose, this is a GREAT way to help get me there. 

You should know that I HATE fish. I know it's an amazing source of lean protein...I tell my clients this all the time. I just can't do it. I hate the taste, the texture, and THE SMELL. For some crazy reason I decided to give Tuna a try today. (My mom is going to fall out of her chair when she reads this.) You know I'm serious about my goals when Tuna comes into the picture.
I had a La Tortilla Factory Wrap, with spinach and tuna mixed with a little bit of light miracle whip. I'm usually not a fan of mayo or miracle whip, but something had to be done to disguise the tuna. 190 calories and 26 grams of protein in this bad boy.
 I ate it with an extremely large side of steamed veggies over spinach drizzled with fat-free honey dijon dressing. Veggies are extremely low in calories and really filling, so you can eat a lot of them. Plus, I just love them.

The verdict: I didn't die! I had to not think about what I was eating, and certainly not breathe through my nose, but I actually didn't mind it.

Don't forget today is the last day to enter the bondi band giveaway. The winner will be announced tomorrow!!

So, tell me...What is your best, "high protein meal?" I know some of you have said you struggle getting protein in like I do, so I can't wait to hear all of your great ideas. Is your workplace/family having any sort of weight loss competition? Do you track your calories? Although it can be super annoying, and it's not for everyone, it's the best way for me to stay on top of where I want to be!


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

AHHH!!! I am so happy you had tuna!!! I seriously eat 3 cans of it a day:) Tilapia is currently my favorite source of protein. Along with that high fiber wrap you probably had a trillion grams of protein.
LOVE elevate and YOU and those people are HARDCORE!! Love you to death!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh you eat SO great! Love this. Love tuna. You know, it is great if you mix some tuna or albacore with a small amount of something like miracle whip or a dressing ...plain yogurt is good too and put it in a half of a red bell pepper...was my lunch for many many lunches when I was teaching. Also, when I was prego, I tried to get tons of important...I ate lots of cottage cheese and chicken breast. So glad I stopped by today. I love your blog!

Shannon said...

Love cottage cheese; greek yogurt is great, too. This may sound odd, but tuna with sauerkraut is good; just heat in up in a skillet and you can eat it just like that, in a sandwich, or with some crackers.

Nicole said...

I love fish! Way to go on tracking all of your intake! It seems like a great idea, but I know I'd take it to the extreme and it wouldn't be fun or pretty.
I have a tough time getting protein too, and I also can't stand touching raw chicken. I tend to get a lot of eggs and start my day with an egg or two.

Judi said...

What a fun job you have to go to each day!

Protein? We eat a lot of beans here!
We also love fish!

We are trying this right now . . . "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper."

Allie said...

oh I frickin love protein. Your diet sounds awesome! My favorite (healthy) proteinacious meal is tofu scramble with black beans and nutritional yeast. I'm also pretty weird lol. Yum :-)

Meg said...

I hate fish, too!!! I was laughing about your mom falling out of the chair but TUNA is not fish, I try not to picture it as fish anyway. I love tuna but yogurt is my protein of choice. Do you have some better ideas for us? Please post!!
Shoes are on their way, due to a busy week, I didn't send them off until yesterday. SO SORRY!
Elevate sounds like a great place to visit and work, you are BLESSED!

Lauren said...

Your work sounds amazing!! I think it would be so inspirational to work with that type of co-worker. Just hearing about it makes me want to change my career! ;)

I don't eat fish, but I get a lot of my protein from meat alternatives like tempeh, seitan, and tofu. I also eat lots of greens, beans, greek yogurt, and of course nut butter (maybe TOO much nut butter, haha). I tell myself it's healthy, but most likely not in the quantities I'm consuming....

ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

"The verdict: I didn't die! I had to not think about what I was eating, and certainly not breathe through my nose, but I actually didn't mind it."

Ha! That was funny!!!!

Ok- I like tuna, but it can be dry if you don't put mayo in it...hard to do. But If you are serious, it works.
Cottage cheese- but it is PACKED with protein (way less fat than regualr cheese). And calcium.
If I am in a hurry, I 'll make a lowfat cottage cheese sandwich with some garlic powder and chive and fresh pepper- but if you prefer sweet, cottage chees and fruit is the way to go.

Megan said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!! I think I've heard of the place you work, maybe. Do one or both of the Zumba twins teach there? Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your blog!! I'm looking forward to your ultimate steel cut oats, I've never tried them but always been curious! Cheers!

Megan said...

Just wanted to add that I'm always happy to find other Megan's too!! There are a lot of us, but miraculously I can't think of one Megan i don't like :)

See.Kate.Run said...

Hey thanks for visiting! Cool blog I am always looking for blogs with healthy food ideas! :)

Heather said...

Oh my gosh...I hate fish too!! I thought I was the only person in the world. :) You have also inspired me to work on my protein intake so THANK YOU! I don't count calories but I'm very careful and think I need to focus more - specifically on what I eat (enough protein, whole grains, etc.). I have said this before, but I love your blog!

Megan D said...

I like all the captions on your photos!! And for protein I'm all about tofu or Greek yogurt :)

Jenn said...

"Certainly not breathe through my nose" Ha ha!! I eat a lot of tuna but I can't eat it hot-GROSS GROSS. I eat a lot of fish (tilapia and walleye), black beans, chicken breast, and I love Greek Yogurt.

AWESOME job you have!! So jealous! This blog always makes me laugh. I LOVE it!

Jen said...

I like tuna but LOVE salmon or trout or tilapia. Chicken is my main source of protein. I like it marinated overnight and then grilled and put on sandwiches, on top of salad, or inside tortillas.
I've counted calories before and had good success, but am too lazy to do that anymore. Calculating recipes sucks too and with a family is a lot of work. That's my excuse anyway!

The Smith Clan said...

You are correcto-mundo on that.... I seriously cannot believe you ate tuna fish or any fish! Way to go!Love you!

The Smith Clan said...

You are correcto-mundo on that.... I seriously cannot believe you ate tuna fish or any fish! Way to go!Love you!

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