Sunday, January 30, 2011

I learned a LOT yesterday.

I started out the day yesterday thinking it was going to be just the average Saturday. I was wrong. I learned a few things...and I thought I would share...

The day started out with my Saturday Morning bootcamp class. Can I just say they freaking ROCK. We did some awesome circuits, treadmill sprints, and all sorts of intervals. We have a great group of super hard working chica's. I am extremely proud of how hard they push themselves. We have a new girlie who joined in this past week, and I am AMAZED at her determination to get up to speed. It's awesome. She never gives up. She is going to accomplish her goals.

- I learned that we shouldn't ever give up on ourselves. We may have hard workouts, days, meals, weeks, whatever...don't give up. When things get hard imagine where you'd be if you didn't attempt? DON'T GIVE UP!

After boot camp, I wanted to go to spin but I ended up spending some time with a new client. This meant that I probably wasn't going get in the extra cardio I wanted to get in for the day. I was a little sad about that. Let's be honest, I'm always sad when I miss spin. It's my fave!

Next, I went with my sister to run some errands. She recently moved back to UT from Texas, and I couldn't be happier. I LOVE getting to hang out with her all the time. She's so awesome. It makes my day when I get to tag along with her. ;)

- I learned that pushing around a FULL shopping cart with three kids in tow can be just a good a workout as any. How cute are her kids? I know...I could eat them right up.

 While we were out and about I picked up some holiday candy for my house. I don't eat the candy, but I LOVE having it out for our house guests.

- I re-learned that I am obsessed with holiday candy. I am a total sucker for it. I think it so incredibly darling. 
Valentines day: I LOVE cherry juju hearts, cinnamon lips & hearts, & Colored M&M's
Easter: Cadberry Mini Eggs...duh, rainblow gum eggs,
Halloween: juju pumpkins, the taffy with the jack-o-lantern faces, reeces chocolate pb pumpkins
Christmas: Red and Green Peanut M&M's, mint M&M's, cinnamon santas, anything in a red and green wrapper etc. etc. etc.
I used to justify my love of holiday candies by saying that I had to eat a lot of them while they were, "available" because they would be gone for a whole year soon. Oh justifications. Can you see how I'm kind of an all or nothing girl? How cute are these though? Seriously...

 My darlingest best friend and roommate, Benita decided this week that she no longer wants to eat out for every meal at work. She enlisted me for some help, which I am super excited about. I'm stepping in and preparing her lunch foods and snacks for her to take to work. I feel like this is good practice for being a mom some day, right? 

- I learned that an AWESOME way to prep veggies is to buy a veggie tray from Costco. (Cheap and ready to eat.) I portioned them out into six separate bags for her to take with her, and bought some fat free ranch for her to dip them in. Easy peasy. Each bag has about 150 calories worth of fresh, delish veggies. I actually got this idea from an awesome client of mine, Amy, who was trying to incorporate more veggies into her diet. Thanks Amy dear!
- I learned that cleaning IS indeed a workout. Maybe I was ok with out my 2nd round of cardio today after all. Cleaning out the fridge and scrubbing kitchen floors is definitely a calorie burner! 

I had to make another trek to the store a little later in the day. When I was actually ready for the day...don't worry that I made it until about 5 PM without showering. I wasn't feeling super awesome, so I took it kinda easy all day. Also, for whatever reason I feel like the fact that it is Saturday makes it OK for me to wear no makeup and traipse around in my non-matching gym clothes. Don't judge. trek #2 was when I was ready for the day and I thought it would be a good idea to go shopping in 4 inch heels.

- I learned that pushing a shopping cart around in heels is a definite core workout. Some extreme balance is needed especially when you are trying to walk fast and get in and out. 
The evening ended with a big ole dinner party for one of my darling besties, Roxanne. We went to one of our local favorites, The Pizza Factory. I am obsessed with their salad bar. OBSESSED. 
- I learned that I am a master craftsman when it comes to the salad bar. Oh wait, I already knew that. Tell me that doesn't look mouth watering delicious? I would be willing to prove this skill to anyone who wants to come join me for a lunch/dinner date to The Pizza Factory. I think I could eat there every day.

So tell me, Did you learn anything this weekend? I was reminded that workouts don't just have to be scheduled at the gym. Every day tasks can be calorie burners too! What is your favorite Holiday Candy? I think the M&M company loves suckers like me who get re-excited every month over a holiday color change in the thin candy coated shell that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. I am fully confident that Peanut M&M's contain some form of cocaine, or other addictive substance. Do you like salad bars? I love them. Well, I love good ones that is. My favorites are the salad bars at The Pizza Factory and Jason's Deli. Yum, yum, yum.


Allie said...

This weekend I learned how to make healthy falafels! My fave holiday candy are conversation hearts for V-day, and OF COURSE I love salad bars- tots hit up the Whole Foods one tonight :-). P.S LOVE those shoes!

Katy said...

Conversation Hearts for V-Day, Candy Corn for Halloween, and York Perppermint Patties :)

Super cute shoes. :)

I love Salad Bars so much! I will load up, too! Ruby Tuesday is one of my favorites!!! :)

kay.tee. said...

I'm a huge chocolate girl, but I love the little cinnamon sugar covered valentine's hearts. M&M's do have crack in them (almond and pb too!), as do Reese's pb cups that come in those fun holiday shapes.

This week, I learned that when you make sacrifices you always get something back. I also learned that "you don't know how far you can go until you get there and keep going."

Salad bars are amazing. Whole Foods has great ones for take out. I eat a HUGE salad every day. I go through the 2.5 pound bag of spinach at Costco in less than a week. That's what happens when your salads include 3 cups of spinach. Here's salad toppings I keep on hand and throw together in different combinations: raw sunflower seeds, unsweetened shredded coconuts, avacados/guacamole, apples, broccoli slaw (shredded broccoli stems), tomatoes, pecans, almonds, cucumbers, green chiles, and some sort of left over protein or boiled eggs. It makes packing my own lunch super easy and is a fast way to get in a lot of veggies.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

OMigosh your heels are hawt!

I'm a fan of candy corn come Halloween and LOVE jelly beans during Easter (or any time for that matter!)

Jenn said...

Favorite holiday candy...Cadbury mini eggs and Mellowcreme pumpkins. I'm currently on a strict candy sabbatical and this post is making me want to take a trip to the grocery store.....

I wish we had a boot camp here. Sounds like so much fun!! People just have more fun in Utah I think....You're all just so darn happy all the time!

Shopping in 4 inch heels. Love it! LOVE salad bars as well as condiment bars which I turn into salad bars. I like to get my money's worth!! Have a great week:)

Rochelle said...

I so wish I could have gone to bootcamp!! And I love that idea about the Costco veggie tray - I'll have to do that.

And I LOVE Pizza Factory's salad all time favorite!

Nicole said...

Your niece/nephews are adorable and your heels are amazing!
I love candy corn at halloween and peanut m&ms anytime, and cinnamon gummy hearts for Valentine's day.
Whole Foods has an amazing salad bar/hot food bar that I love!

Stephanie said...

Aww...your niece and nephews are ADORABLE! I don't know how you can buy so much candy and not EAT IT! Ahh..I'm terrible at that!

I love love love salad bars. :)

Benita said...

you are seriously the bestest friend and roommate a girl could ask for. I took my lunch this morning and just couldn't stop smiling. SOOO excited. what would I do with out you?? I know.. eat corn dogs, tositino's pizzas, and mac and cheese and still drink chocolate milk by the gallon..

Danielle said...

I'm so impressed by your heels in the grocery store. I can't even successfully walk around in my house with them on.
This weekend I learned the I can't stay up late like I did through college. Friends came to town and we stayed up talking and having fun, but I'm paying for it today at work. : )

Jen said...

Easter candy is my very favorite of the whole year. And just so you know, I really missed you at the blogger meet up. Sure you were hanging out with family and you had a good excuse, but still...!
That salad looks divine! I really admire your willpower! I would have a hard time having candy in my house and not eating it!

Jen said...

Oh, and I want you to come pack me some veggies for snacks and will you cook dinner for me too! I'm a mom that needs a mom!

Kate said...

Awesome idea with the veggies!
I love that candy corn! Mmmm. Can you send some my way!?

Your shoes are just awesome. I wear heels all day, every day, and at the end of the day when I take them off I realize it is the first time ALL day that my calf had a chance to stretch. Probably not good, huh?

Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

Sassy shoes! love 'em. I can't believe how much self control you have. There is no way I could buy all that candy and not eat any. Well, I still buy it and usually end up eating all of it:)

Mel said...

I love a good and varied salad bar. Jasons Deli is the best.
I embarass anyone near me if they go with me. I build the most GIGANTIC salad on earth in a to-go container and eat part there and eat the rest for other meals, lol. They wouldn't put sides and a lid on it if they didn't want me to shove as much stuff into it as possible ;-)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I MISSED YOU IN SPIN!! K, I love holiday candy! SO glad the sis is back and her kids are so adorable. THe PF salad is calling my name, we NEED to go together. Seriously, cleaning is a workout! LOVE your shoes!!

Mars said...

Holiday candy is so appealing I think mostly for the colors and wrappers. Luckily I can put in my jar and rarely touch it-guests can enjoy it though! I learned it's not that hard to eat healthy on vacation while you're out all the time. I was in Cali and we went to Soupnation (something like that) and I had THE best salad bar, so good! Jason's Deli has a good salad bar too. PS cute shoes!!

Sarah said...

i love salad bars! i would much rather go to one then a restaurant. My favorite is sweet tomatoes or souper salad.