Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maximize Both Your Workout Time & Your Cleanup Time

Time is precious. Everyone is busy. Whether you are working, parenting, or just living life the best way you know how; it seems that everyone has a full plate. Trying to get workouts in can be tough, and unfortunately, it seems that working out goes to the bottom of the priority list when life gets really crazy. Working out doesn't have to mean hours and hours at the gym. If you are efficient with your exercise you can be in, sweaty, and out in no time at all. Here are some great ways to maximize your workout time.

1) Become a multi-tasker. Combination movements are some of my favorite exercise because they allow you to work several muscles at once. Some of my favorites are:
- Squats with an overhead dumbbell press
- Lunges or step ups with a bicep curl
- Walking Lunges with a shoulder raise
- Plank Rows with dumbbells
- Row in a Lunge
- Plank triceps kickbacks
- upright row to a dead lift
- squats with a bicep curl

2) Super Set your workouts. Instead of doing three sets of bicep curls in a row with rest in between, alternate muscle groups and alternate between two exercises. Bicep curls, squats, bicep curls, squats, get it. If you do an upper/lower body combination or two opposing muscle groups like back and biceps you will allow one muscle group to rest while you are working the other muscle group. This is a great way to keep your heart rate up as well.

3) Go with a plan. If you start your workout with the...what should I do today...attitude, you will probably waste time. Take a day in the beginning of the week and plan out what your workout schedule is going to look like. You will be more efficient, and you will be more likely to fulfill your planned routine.

4) Make your workout HIIT. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. What this means is you are working high intensity intervals into your workout plan instead of just keeping your heart rate at more of a steady state. This can be a great time saver if you work out in a circuit training style. Adding cardio bursts into your weights routine such as; jump squats, plyometric lunges, burpees, step ups, or mt climbers are great exercises to increase your heart rate and allow you to burn more calories. You'll sweat like CRAZY promise.

Now to the cleanup...
I love making my strawberry banana protein shake. It is easy, high in protein, refreshing, and really tasty. It actually fills me up too. One thing I hate is the cleanup afterwords. Blenders/magic bullets, cuisinarts can all be really hard to clean. BUT I have the best solution.

Easiest cleaning method EVER. 

So tell me...How do you make the most of your workouts? Do you find that your workouts are the first thing to go in a time crunch, or is it a priority for you? Do you use your blender? If so, what's your favorite combo?


Katy said...

I LOVE that blender cleaning idea! I always hate cleaning out the blender.

Allie said...

I agree with 1-4 and the blender cleaning method. Great minds think alike :-)
And how to you write things on your pictures? I am a picture novice lol

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVE the blender. So good to see you yesterday....this needs to happen more often. Thank you for posting your ways to maximize your weight training in less time....I NEED THAT BIG TIME! I will be printing that off! LOVE YOU!

iheartvegetables said...

I use my blender every single day because me and my vitamix are like bffs ;) haha My gym just started offering HIIT classes so I'll have to check it out!!

Heather said...

I love your ideas for some exercises - thanks!! I love making the most of my workouts. I love supersets, circuits, and planning! I "study" my workout cards before I workout. It's fun...I'm a nerd. :) And I love to sweat! I don't feel like I did enough if I'm not sweating.

Sad to say I NEVER use my blender...I need to though.

Anonymous said...

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