Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boot Camp is ON!!

OK, party people. I know I mentioned that I was going to do a boot camp class at Elevate a few months ago, and I even had some of you come attend our free class, which was super fun. Now we are doing the class FOR REAL. I'm way excited!!

Here are the details...

Elevate is located at 147 W 400 N in Orem, UT
The class will be starting next Tuesday, January 11th  
3 one hour sessions per week (Tuesday @ 7PM, Thursday @7PM, and Saturday @8AM)
Weekly weigh-ins (This includes body fat and body inch measurements)
Nutrition planning & web-based tracking system to keep you accountable everyday
Daily motivational blogs
Healthy Field Trips
$150 per month, only $12.50 per session ($25 value)

It's a smokin' deal and will be a GREAT way to kick start your 2011 fitness. The goal of the class is to help you lose weight, burn fat, and get toned. It doesn't matter your fitness level! There are already a few people who have spots held for them, and we are limiting the amount that can join because of equipment usage and individual attention. We will have an option if you want to just come do a class every now and then, so ask me about that if you're want to know more there. If you have any questions or you would like me to hold a spot for you, email me at

It's going to be super fun!! :)


Katie said...

I wish I lived in Utah, I would totally go!

Jen said...

Ok, now that would keep me motivated and accountable. Too bad you're not closer!

Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

So how can we just go to a class every now and then? I'm very interested!

Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

How can we take a class every now and then? I'm very interested!