Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Done and Done.

First of all. 
How are you coming on your goals for the week?
I'm two for two with my workouts thus far. I actually can't believe I've fit them in this week because between getting everything ready for Powell, finishing the bathroom remodel project, and wanting to hang out with my Mom while she's in town life has been Craaaazy.

About the bathroom. I promised photos...so here they are:

Here is the bathroom before: Isn't that a lovely shade of green? Blegggh. (If that is currently the color of your wall...my apologies?)
 This is the dresser that we found on KSL to refinish. Isn't that Ivy lovely ;) I know...it's a shame we painted over that beautiful detail.
 Now, I must interject to say my mom and dad are the ultimate bomb. They are so fabulous to entertain my crazy ideas and projects, and always so willing to help me with whatever I need. I am partially convinced that my mom actually works for Martha Stewart, and my dad is just about as handy as they come. They make an awesome project crew.
I wanted to stripe my walls, so after spending a LOT of time painting the room white, we measured and taped off one wall to paint the stripes. The prep work is definitely the biggest pain ever. We were all schweaty and tired. 
 And pretty dang gross (on my part)...I promise I don't always look like I just worked out...oh wait, yep I actually do always look like that.
 All of the taping and perfectionism on my daddy-o's part  was well worth it. I LOVE the way my stripes turned out.
 We decided to refinish the dresser in a darling shade of yellow.
We exchanged the regular knobs for some polka dot ones with a little bit of character. 
And Voila! I thought it all came together quite nicely.
What do you think? 

 If you wondering how this ties in to health and fitness...here goes.
1. Manual labor/refinishing furniture/painting is a WORK OUT
2. Having a cute bathroom makes me happy. Happy = healthy.
3. I now have great storage for the one million headbands/hair ties/bobby pins/anti chaffing products/deodorant etc. that make my workout life possible. I am a freak about working out with my hair in my face.
Was that good enough for you?
I hope so. Who else wants to refinish furniture/paint rooms/redecorate? I'm in!


Karlie said...

I love the redo Megs!

Anna Elizabeth said...

so cute! I'm inspired! :)

Julia said...

looks amazing and so so so cute! love it!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love it!! I absolutely love projects and this made me oh so happy. :):)

Julie said...

Love the stripes.

I kinda liked the green, too, though (shhh...)

The dresser turned out so cute with that color and those knobs!

I painted three rooms over three weekends in Aug/Sept and it was TRULY a workout.

Trav and Linds said...

Everything turned out so dang cute! You guys did such a good job! I love all of the pictures too! Where is my home makeover crew when I need them! ;)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

THAT LOOKS AMAZING! I am jealous...come do my house!

Meg said...

WOW! I love the stripes so much. And the dresser is so pretty/cute/happy.

Suz and Allan said...

This looks awesome! The color of the dresser is a really pretty shade of yellow. You guys did a great job!

Courtney said...

amazing!! can you please come decorate my house? thanks!

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