Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Wedding Workout

If you thought I was going to give you the best workout to get in shape for your wedding, you are wrong. Although, hopefully all the other tips, tricks, and workouts, I give you can help with that. I am actually just going to tell you about my Friday workout...helping with my best friend's wedding.

I started off the morning early meeting Roxanne and co. at the salon where she was getting her hair and make up done.

The process there took a little longer than was expected, so we RAN out the door to get Roxanne to the Salt Lake Temple. If you ever come to visit Utah, you must visit the temple grounds. They are SO incredibly beautiful. Because of the crunch for time, Rox changed in the car on the way there, and realized she didn't have her skirt to the outfit she planned to wear. We stopped at a friends house nearby and I frantically RAN all over trying to find something that would work.

After dropping her off we drove back to Benita's apartment, got ready, and drove back to the temple where we RAN to make sure we didn't miss her coming out!
We made it in plenty of time. Do you want to know why I love weddings? You get to spend the day with all of the people you love, and don't get to see all of the time.
 Rox and Todd came out all married and looking INCREDIBLE. Aren't they so cute?
 After we took some pics we had to RUN all over SLC to get some lunch at The Blue Lemon, and get back to our cars...trying to avoid the down pour. 
 At this point we got word from Shauna, the bridesmaid/wedding planner that the pouring rain was really putting a damper on the reception set up (no pun intended), and she needed as many hands to help out as possible STAT. So...we hopped in our cars, got to the reception site, and got to work.

The reception was to take place at this fabulous outdoor amphitheater, but weather really screwed up the original plan. Luckily, a tent was included in the initial set up, and arrangements were made to move everything inside the tent. It was crazy.
More RUNNING involved.
We're talking sweat pants/soggy shoes/nappy hair running. Despite the chaos of the rain, and having to rearrange everything. It all turned out incredibly amazing. SO pretty.

I'm telling you, if you are in the market for a wedding/party planner Shauna is your girl. She has some unreal talent and creativity.

Next, we RAN to get ready for the reception. As much as the wet/matted/frizzy look would have been nice in the pics...we decided to try and look decent.  
 I thought we cleaned up pretty well.
We of course BURNED SOME CALORIES out on the dance floor. Cupid shuffle anyone?
 And, I got my PLYOMETRICS in while attempting to catch that dang bouquet. Fail. I guess I need to increase my vertical.
What a fun and crazy day!
 Congrats to Roxanne and Todd, some of the cutest newlyweds I've ever seen!! Love you Roxer Pants...and you too Todd!
Don't worry...we finished the evening off RUNNING around getting everything taken down, put away, as quick as we could so we could get home and get some sleep. Sheesh...Wedding make me tired!

Sometimes it seems like the "unintentional workouts" are the ones that take the most out of you. Don't you agree? I would definitely say being on my feet RUNNING around all day takes more out of me than a good morning run! I hope your weekend has been phenomenal! xoxoxo


becomingrene said...

I seriously love weddings where everyone pitches in to get done what needs to get done. None of the primadonna stuff going on. Your bridesmaid dresses are outstanding, especially with the boots. It looks like you can actually wear them again.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...


Nichole said...

I am glad everything turned out with the rain! Such a cute couple and everything looked amazing!

Celebrity Media Appearances Sydney said...

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