Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 Days of Holiday Health Tips - Day 6

Efficiency is a HUGE thing for me at the gym. You will not see me hanging out at the gym shooting the breeze whomever will chat with me and taking fifteen minute rests between sets. I think I'd go crazy if I did so actually. I like to get to the gym, workout, and get home. I love working out, and sometimes a good long workout is like medicine for my soul. However, I'm all about doing whatever I can to maximize my workout time and get the most bang for my caloric bucks (and my time of course.) During the holiday season, finding time to workout can be tough,  but it is doable. When you do find that time you don't want to waste it lallygagging around the gym. You want to make sure you are getting in, and getting it done as efficiently as possible.
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 Tip #6: Make Your Workouts Count.

Trying to get a quick workout in doesn't have to mean you don't work up a good sweat and burn a ton of calories. You can definitely do both! My longtime readers know I am a HUGE fan of circuit training and HIIT. It is the best thing you can do for fat loss, it's a great calorie burner, and it is a great way to keep your workouts interesting. I have posted a ton of circuit training workouts and a lot of info on interval training as well. If you are looking for a good way to get in a good sweat and burn a ton of calories while doing so try some of these workouts out!

I did a great full body circuit yesterday that went a little something like this...

10 minute warm up on the treadmill
15 assisted pullups
24 alternating rows with a deep lunge (12 on each side/20 lb DB)
15 squats with a curl (20 lb DB's)
2 minute sprint 
(repeat 3 times)

20 single leg squat to walking lunges with 2 push ups at the bottom (I may have to show these sometimes soon. They are KILLER.) Twenty feels like 300.
15 Overhead tricep presses
2 minute sprint
(repeat 3 times)

20 minute set of intervals in the elliptical

Finish with wiping off your sweat. Cause you'll need to... 

Side note...Tonight my sister Linds arrived for a little weekend visit. I have missed her SO much since she moved with her fam to Austin, and I was thrilled to see her! She has been my little pseudo mother most of the time I've been in Provo because my parents moved to Arizona. We headed straight to Yogurtland after her arrival, and I can tell you one thing. Me + My fam + frozen yogurt = happiness. 
Please excuse the crappy blackberry photo...sometimes you have to take what you can get!

Are you a fan of circuit training? If you haven't tried it you most definitely should! I do a lot of HIIT with my clients and it gets results!

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cathcinggrasshoppers said...

I love circuit training and I love when I see a new circuit on your blog! They are awesome....keep them coming!

Jen said...

Love circuit training and you always have the best routines! It's pretty much all I do since it keeps it interesting and short. Have a great day!

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