Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

I'm having the best time with my fam....which means I'm not sitting behind my computer the whole time. It also means you get the holiday in retrospect. I love it because that means I get to relive it alllll over again.

Christmas Morning was Fabulous.

My sister and her three darling little ones drove in from Texas the day before...and because Santa would have had a very hard time finding them in a different state they wrote a letter to Santa asking him to come a day early ;)

We still had a plethora of presents for them to open, so basically they got double Christmas Morning. AWESOME.
Side note: Christmas morning photos are my favorite. Everyone always looks their best.
My darling nephew got a Woody that perfectly matched his PJ's. So cute.
 The whole fam was excited about my dad's gift to my mom. Her computer is from the stone age...I think it might still use dial up ;)
 I was THRILLED about my gifts from Santa! A new 50 mm lens for my camera and an iPhone4. Ohhhh glorious. Instagram is the best. Do you have it?
 Oh, and I can't get enough of this sweet face.
What was your favorite gift from Christmas? I am torn between the phone and the lens right now...I have wanted both forEVER...so I think my excitement won't be wearing off anytime soon.


Korin Lopez said...

I got a juicer this year for Christmas and I could not be more thrilled! This morning we had apples/carrots/lime juice and my children thought it was delicious!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Best pictures ever and I am so happy you got to be with everyone. I am on instagram....how can I find you?!?! So happy your mom got a new computer!

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

I love Christmas morning pictures...nothing better. Thank you for sharing!

Great presents, I got some great stuff, it is all my favorites too :-)

melissadishes.com said...

Glad you got to spend time with your loved ones!

I think my favorite gift was a new Heart Rate Monitor, although, I forgot it for spin class this morning!

Laurie said...

You'll love the 50mm! It's a great lens. Glad you had a great Christmas!

Keelie Sheridan said...

The 50mm is my favorite lens! You'll love it!

AGH your family is so cute!!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I got the new iPhone for Christmas too.

becomingrene said...

My favorite gift was getting to trade my minivan in for an Acura MDX. I've driven a minivan since 1998 (not the same one) so it was definitly time.
Also, my kids didn't wake me up until 7:30, we only had a 1 hour church service (instead of 3), and I got a nap. A-maz-ing.

ashley & sundance said...

ACK!!! I really want that lens too! I think I might use my Christmas moola and buy one! Do you love it??

we got a port-a-crate for the puppy and I'm kinda super excited about it. lol. I fear I'm turning into "one of those" dog mommas. lol.

miss u. lets do lunch when you get back.

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