Sunday, December 4, 2011

The 12 Days of Holiday Health Tips - Day 3

If there is ONE thing I am extremely faithful on, no questions asked, it is breakfast. I absolutely LOVE breakfast. I seem to wake up every morning hungry and excited to get my breakfast in. It has been proven that those who lose weight and keep their weight at a healthy place are breakfast eaters. It helps to get your metabolism going, helps you to make smarter meal choices throughout the day, and the list goes on and on. Click HERE for a previous post on why breakfast is for champions.
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  Tip #3: Eat a good breakfast. 

As the days before the holidays seem to get more and more crazy, be sure you start your day off right. Eating a good breakfast can help you to have the energy you need to get through your busy days, get your workouts in, and feel better all around. People make better decisions when the day starts with a good breakfast. Don't find yourself mid-day not having eaten a thing and tends to lead to poor habits, poor food choices, and binge eating.

Some good breakfast choices?

All Bran Muffins
Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes
Healthy Cereal Options

Whole Wheat Pancakes
Greek Yogurt Protein Shake
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal
Whole Wheat Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins
Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats

Click HERE to see all of the holiday health tips for the season.

What are your favorite healthy breakfast choices? Are you a breakfast eater or do you tend to skip out on your morning meal? I usually go for oatmeal in the morning. It warms me up and keeps me full!


kara t. said...

My favorite healthy breakfast is eggs and a piece of bacon. No lie. If I am going to work from the gym I'll add about a tablespoon of avocado and a little bit of turkey too. This meal usually runs me about 350 calories and fuels me through my workout. I eat it around 7:30 and am not hungry again until around noon. I'll never go back to eating carbs for breakfast again.

Megan @ Bump on a log learns to jog said...

I totally agree with you here. I have friends that will just have coffee and a peice of toast for breakfast. If I ate that I would be hungry and miserable within an hour. I love overnight oats and they keep me full all morning. Your pumpking apple streusel muffins look amazing! I'll have to give them a try

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Breakfast is the BEST!!! I do not understand how people skip breakfast or just have coffee - I would be famished (and probably extremely cranky) if I skipped my favorite meal of the day. My favorite is definitely oatmeal (all variations) or a cookie dough cereal bowl (from Fitnessista). Have a great day!

(amy) said...

I cannot eat breakfast first thing in the morning. so at least to "break my fast" I always manage to pop a handful grapes in my mouth while my coffee is making, and I am packing lunch for the husband. After I have my cup of coffee I am able to eat (about an hour after waking). I think the key is getting ANYTHING in you to start your metabolism and then follow up with the meal shortly after.

FoodFaithFitness said...

I look foward to breakfast and eat almost the same thing every morning. Egg whites and oats with blueberries. I am not a morning person, and need coffee first thing, then food. I can make that in my slumber without having to think too much.

Nichole said...

Love all the healthy tips!

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