Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here comes the new year right around the corner. 
And I already am committed to one of my goals for the year.
Run another marathon.
I'm registered, which means I'm committed. 
I am trying to forget that I swore to myself at mile 20 of the Salt Lake City Marathon in 2009 that I would never find myself in that position again. Funny how the amazing experience of finishing something so tough can change your thought process. Crossing the finish line of marathon is one of the coolest experiences ever. The end.

So, Utah Valley Marathon 2012 here I come. This time I get to do it with my fabulous sister.

This means we'll have a whole new segment of See Megan Run as I document my training process. I can't wait?

Who's with me? I know some of you are running the same race! Let me know if you're going to be trekking through this process alongside me.


Natalie said...

Not quite ready for a marathon, but my husband did bribe me to run five 5K's in 2012 because he knows hoe much I want to get back into running. First up? Rex Lee Run in March. I may even go all out and do my first 10K :)

christina said...

Im right there with you - I ran my first marathon last March, a week before finding out I was pregnant and then slacking on my running. It was the hardest but most amazing thing I have ever done and I swore the second I crossed that finish line that I would be doing another one! I am now 3 weeks post partum and planning my return to running. I have planned 2 half marathons to help me get my running legs back and my second marathon next Nov - the Philadelphia marathon. Im scared to restart because I know how hard it will be but I know that amazing feeling will come back!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Very cool Megan and even cooler that you are doing it with your sister. Love that!

I will totally train with you. I love running buddies.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

kick it!

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