Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Too Funny...and FAR too true.

Every now and again I come across something that makes me laugh really hard. Today I have found one of those gems. Don't worry...there will be another healthy tip for my 12 days of Healthy Holiday Tips a little later today, BUT sometimes I think laughter bring happiness, and both are part of health. Right?

A friend of mine posted this on his FB wall (ironic once you see what it is) and I loved everything about it, probably because
a) it's true
b) I see it FAR too often
c) people can be borderline ridiculous...

Anyways...this post on Hilarious and Handsome Sports Guys is too funny. It's all about people's Facebook Status updates. I always have to joke a weeee bit about habitual gym status updaters. You know who I'm talking about. Read this excerpt. You'll laugh, I promise.

"Every day, possibly multiple times a day, we check our facebook pages to see what is going on with our friends. Unfortunately, some of our friends abuse their privilege of typing on the internet and force us to read useless and obnoxious status updates. Is it so much to ask for status updates that make us laugh, cry, inspired, excited, or even informed? Well, for these friends, it is far too much to ask.
 Stop with the pictures. Stop with the updates. This has gotten out of hand.

The Gym Rat
Obnoxious Update: 
“Just got my swole on.”
“About to hit the gym . . . AGAIN!”
“Cranked out 20 pullups tonight. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.”
Why It’s Obnoxious: 
No one cares about your workout! Believe it or not, most of the people forced to scroll through your daily workout accomplishments probably went to the gym too. And somehow through the holy power of St. Mary, they were able to jog on a treadmill without telling everyone. I’m sure this status is a desperate cry for attention. We all want the occasional, “wow, looking good buddy,” “are you losing weght?” or “omg, I had no idea Brad Pitt was coming to this party.” However, these compliments should be earned, not begged for by turning us into your workout diary. (And on a related note – no one wants to see pictures of you flexing in the mirror. Yes, you are the same person that gives workout updates)
What’s Acceptable: 
People want to hear about actual accomplishments. For example, you bench a small car at the gym. Facebook wants to know about this and see pictures. Maybe you ran in a big race you have been training for or you’re posting hilarious/inspirational, embarrassing pictures of yourself on a daily basis, then update as much as you want. Please, keep us updated on anything funny that happens while you are working out. If someone gets trapped under 400 pounds, we need to know. Some guy pees his pants a little because he curled so much weight, we need to know. A girl falls off the treadmill while talking on the phone and reading a magazine, we need to know.
Possible Fixes: 
“Just saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in my gym.”
“Definitely saw two guys doing synchronized flexes in the mirror – I really need a new gym.”
“Ran the Boston Marathon this morning. Passed a few Kenyans. What have you done this morning?”"

A little bit funny right? Don't get me wrong. I'm GLAD these peeps are going to the gym. I really am. I just don't think we all need to hear about every rep that they're doing, and mile they are running. Am I right?
Read the whole article HERE. It's pretty hilarious.

Do you know some habitual gym status updaters? I'm sure you do...


FoodFaithFitness said...

Omgosh! That is TOO funny!! I deactivated my FB. I was so tired of reading everyone's drama and pretentious posts. It was annoying. That article is right on!!

Jen said...

Definitely know someone like that. And yeah, it gets old. But there's also the "I'm so busy" person "here's my daily to do list" that is also annoying!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! Either I'm going at the good times or my gym has a very low percentage of these people! I don't know whether to feel grateful or sad that I miss out on the hilarity of such people!

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