Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas Circuit Workout

I was so ready to workout this morning. So ready. Luckily, my mom and sisters felt the same way, so we made it a group effort. We did a circuit workout that went like this...

Post Christmas Circuit Workout

2 minute sprint on treadmill
2 minutes plank
2 minutes kettle bell swings with 25 lb kettlebell
2 minutes of push ups

1 minute sprint on treadmill
1 minute plank
1 minute kettle bell swings with 25 lb kettlebell
1 minute of push ups

2 minute sprint on treadmill
2 minutes burpees
2 minutes squat rows with the cables (40 lbs on stacks)
2 minutes step ups with a bicep curl (15 lb dbs)

1 minute sprint on treadmill

1 minute burpees
1 minute squat rows with the cables (40 lbs on stacks)

1 minute step ups with a bicep curl (15 lb dbs)

30 second sprint (as fast as you can go)
90 seconds ab work
30 second sprint
90 seconds ab work


I also made it a point to record my calories today. EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. It is the best thing to get me back on track as far as my eating goes. I highly recommend it if you feel like you are needing a kick in the pants in the right direction.
Yay for sweaty pictures with no makeup :) 
Did you get a Post-Christmas workout in?


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

i did a 5k yesterday. i never run on Sundays, but all the eating Saturday and huge Prime rib roast we had yesterday - could NOT eat it before I ran something off.

I run tonight - long one. Need it again - just ate leftovers. But sooooo good.

Suzanne said...

I am just now getting my gym together so hopefully tonight!

Thank you for the motivation. (as per usual)

becomingrene said...

I am supr proud of myself for not missing a single workout over Christmas. I went on a 7 mile run with my training group Christmas Eve morning, Sunday is my usual rest day, did a 5 mile run Monday, and today did a 5 mile run followed by an hour long weight class.
My food has been ok but not great. We threw away all of the leftovers today so I'll get back on track with that.

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