Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Quickly We Forget...

I just got done reading my sister Nichole's recap on our Utah Valley Marathon adventure. I got all teary eyed and definitely got the chills when I read it...I'm totally lame like that. ;) I of course had to go back and read my Utah Valley Marathon Race Recap, and relive the whole experience again in my mind.
I had to laugh a little bit because I went through a series of emotions of...ohhh that was such an awesome experience....I hated that...I never want to do that again...I totally could do that again, and I am left wondering if I will do it again. Not that I need to make any decision about it right now, but I remember running through the finish line thinking. "someone please tell me to NEVER do that again." Oh, how quickly we forget. Right?

I am constantly amazed at people, in a good way. Sometimes I will get up in the early 5's to get a workout in so I have time to get done with my workout before I have to go work everyone else out. Although I thoroughly enjoy working out, I consider it a part of my job. I know that I have to be an example of what I'm preaching. It definitely motivates me to keep on keeping on. It's true that I do sacrifice a lot of time, sometimes sleep, and occasionally a shower to get my workouts in, but because it is part of my job it doesn't really seem like any sort of an amazing accomplishment to me. It is just what I have to do. However, when I go to the gym at these early hours, or when I drive to work in the dark of the early morning and I see others who are out getting their sweat on and making time for their workouts I am always extremely impressed.

It's easier to sleep in.
It is easier to make an excuse as to why work is to busy, school is too busy, life is too busy.
Guess what work, school, life, and everything else will almost ALWAYS be too busy.
It is easier to say you'll do it tomorrow.
It is easier to "start next week."

You get the point. My thoughts on the matter? EVERYONE IS BUSY. Which is why I am so impressed by the people I see sacrificing their time to make their workouts happen, to cook healthy food, and to incorporate healthy living into their normal, everyday lifestyle. Guess what? Being healthy isn't just going to happen to you, and if it does you are EXTREMELY lucky. You have to make an effort. You have to want it. You have to be willing to put in the time and the effort. If you don't nothing will change for you. It is just that simple. Everyone can make an excuse. Busy people make time for exercise every single day, and so can you.
DAY # 26: 26 Full sit ups
Lie down on the ground and do a full sit up, shoulder blade to shoelace style. This means every time you do a sit up you will lie all the way down so your shoulder blades are touching, and then every time you come up you will tap your shoe laces. Remember to keep that lower back pressed down, and keep your chin up off your chest so you are using the right muscles!

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Monica said...

I completely agree. It wasn't easy to work out while pregnant but I did it, every day. Now I have a three month old baby. In order to work out I have to get up even earlier to fit everything in. But it is completely worth it. Life will always be busy but if you make exercise a priority, you will find time to do it. I feel like it makes me a better person, mother, wife, friend, etc.

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