Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello Ladies!

This morning my mom and sister came to The Lab, and I got to train them. I love when they are in town and we get to workout together! It is so fun! They are rockstars, and they are always totally willing to do whatever torturous exercise I put them through. :)
Today I put them through a full body circuit workout that went as follows...

2 sets of each
- 30 alternating step ups
- 15 kettle bell sumo squats
- 20 deep squats with dumbbells

2 sets of each
- 15 TRX plank crunches
- 15 pushups
- 40 walking lunges

2 sets of each
- 10 TRX full body rows (pictured above)
- 1 minute plank with toe tappers
- 15 TRX single leg pistol squats on the right leg
- 15 TRX single leg pistol squats on the left leg
- 15 jump squats

We busted through this workout to get it done in 30 minutes, and let me tell you, these ladies did AWESOME!
DAY #6: 6 lengths of shuttle runs
This is another GREAT way to finish a workout, and squeeze out all the leftover energy you may still have in there. You could also do this as an interval in between exercises to boost that heart rate. Place two objects about 20 feet apart. Sprint as fast as you can from one side to the other, touch down, and sprint back. That counts as two lengths. Do that six times. Time yourself to see if you improve. If you want to make your shuttle runs more of a challenge drop and do a burpee or a pushup at each end, and then get up and sprint back. Does this remind you of your elementary school fitness tests? Cause it should!


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I wish I was your sister and got some free kick ass workouts!!! Good job ladies!

Sara said...

I would love to try a session w you! I want to try trx and kettle bell workouts

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