Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Produce for Days

Today's workout was an awesome circuit workout. 

10 minutes of warm up intervals on the elliptical
50 assisted pull ups
50 air squats
2 minute sprint on the treadmill (I wish I could have sprinted more with this workout, but I am still trying to keep my foot healing)
50 step ups with a curl
50 step ups with a press
30 inchworm pushups
1 minute plank with oblique twists
50 springing lunges off the bench
1 minute plank with oblique twists
50 full sit ups
50 supermans
10 minutes of intervals on the stairs
It was sweaty and fabulous!

I have commented on my love for salads before. It is no secret that I have a put my salad construction skills to the test in many a salad bar establishment, but one of my favorites just happens to be a favorite family eating venue, Brick Oven. We went there tonight for family dinner and it was tasty!

 I felt like my building skills were adequate. My nephews were awe-stricken by how high my salad was piled, and they couldn't wait for me to dig in so they could see it tumble off my plate. I showed them, not tumbling at all. :) I love when I have produce for days.
 I am surely going to be sad when these sweet ladies go back to their homes. I have LOVED having them here. They are so amazing.
Twinner sunnies, stripes, and buns.
I am going to call it a solid day. Because it was. Give the circuit workout a try. It's a good one!

DAY #17: 17 Leg jacks in a plank 
Get into a plank position on your hands or elbows and once you have your form right, jump your legs out and in, in a jumping jack motion. Do 17 in a row...or more if you want a challenge!


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