Saturday, July 28, 2012

I LOVE the Olympics!

Last night was the Olympic opening ceremonies, which marks the beginning of one of my favorite things in life. Insert Olympic theme song...BUMMMM BUMMM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM...
I absolutely LOVE the olympics. It is amazing to me to see such incredible athletes who have worked tirelessly to achieve goals, and do things that are sometimes beyond belief. I love seeing people excel with their talents. I quite frequently get choked up when I see an amazing dance performance, hear an incredible song being sung, witness someone finishing a race, and sometimes when I watch The Biggest Loser. When it comes to the Olympics, I usually cry on more than one occasion. How can you not get chills like crazy when you see an American win the gold, and hear our national anthem blaring over the loudspeaker. AHHHMAAZING. If I was on the podium I'm pretty sure I'd be bawling.  

If you are wondering where I got my love for the olympics I can easily answer that question...
Meet Papa Les...AKA my dad. He is a huge sports fan, and so the Olympics are right up his alley. He worked on the Olympic committee when the games were in SLC in 2002. He even has an olympic torch in his office.
 There is an exhibit in Park City that pays tribute to the 2002 games and my dad is pictured in one of the photos. 
Last night he was put in charge of babysitting the munchkins, and so he enlisted them in a little art project while they watched the opening ceremonies. 
 Adorable, right? I know. I hope you get to enjoy watching some of the most amazing athletes in the world this week as they show just how incredible the human body is. Maybe it will inspire you to push yourself a little more?

What is your favorite summer olympic event to watch? Do you get as emotional and excited as I do? My favorite event to watch is the gymnastics. However, we joked tonight that I become a huge fan of whatever is on at the time. watching things I usually don't care about. Archery? Sure. Fencing. Absolutely. Go team USA!
Day #28: 28 superman back extensions
These are AWESOME when you are working to improve core strength. Lie on your stomach face down with your arms stretched out by your ears. Arch your back lifting your feet and arms off the ground at the same time. Hold for a count at the top and then release back to the ground. Try and get your feet and arms as high as you can. 


Nichole said...

I love the Olympics too! So fun to watch!

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