Friday, May 27, 2011

Beach Bound

Today has looked something like this...
Work 5:45 AM - 4 PM with a few breaks in between due to canceled clients.
The cancellations were welcomed today because it meant I got to work out! I was seriously questioning if I would even get to break a sweat today because I knew I was going to be slammed.
My workout ended up being...
60 mins of intervals on the elliptical
30 mins on the stairs
60 mins full body circuits with my bootcampers
Not too shabby considering I didn't even think i was going to get to work out today.

Now...Dinner at The Pizza Factory with my sister and her darling kiddies...I'm extremely predictable there.

Some last minute errands and shopping.
Packing. I hate packing...I always over pack. Always.
Cleaning. I DETEST leaving my house messy. Who likes to come home to a mess?
Hopefully get some more writing in before I leave. (I do some at home writing for a company alongs side my training.)
Sleeping for 10 seconds. At least I'm sure that is what it will feel like. We're LEAVING for the airport at 5 AM.
But, I'm not complaining...this is in my future.
We paid a flat rate for food and to stay in the beach house we are staying at with a bunch of people. I have not one ounce of control over the food that is planned. If you're wondering if that makes me nervous it does. Usually "group food" is something like...hamburgers, potato salads, chips, and casseroles. None of which are part of my usual food regimen. To tell you the truth I'm kind of excited to see how I do. I think this will be an awesome experiment to help all y'all find the best things to eat when you're hitting up the family vacations this year and you find yourself in similar situations, wanting to eat healthy. 

I also have been really REALLY good about not running on my foot because I knew I was going to want to run there. I have no access to a gym, so I will be letting you know my vacation workouts! Can't wait. Wish me luck that my foot has done some MAJOR healing these past few weeks!

Now, I'm off to my checklist :) xoxoxo

Do you like to workout on vacation? I LOVE to run in new places. It's so much more exciting, and I feel like I'm exploring. I tend to eat out of the norm, so I like to workout to feel like I'm offsetting that a bit. Do you watch your food intake on vacations or are you an all out type of person? I'm just in the mode where I watch my food all the time. If I eat gross, I feel gross. I also really enjoy the foods I eat on a normal basis. So, I do my best and try to eat as close to my norm as possible.


Elle said...

That beach looks wonderful. Hope you have a lovely time.

I love to run in new places. And walk and explore.

I hate not having control over my eats... I think I would be packing my own stash of food.

Good Luck!

Julia said...

have a blast girl! that sounds so amazing...running on the beach is one of my most absolute favorite things in the world!!

Tri-Living...Together said...

Yes, I have to work out on vacation although we almost never go on one.. haha! I do allow myself some fun foods but I don't go overboard.(mamarunsbarefoot)

Amanda@runninghood said...

So exciting that you get to go to the beach! Your workout today sounds hard do A LOT! I like to run when I'm on vacation. It makes me feel better about the crap I usually eat. I dislike the amounts of junk our friends usually bring when we go to the beach because I end up eating it all! I think vacation is definitely about splurging a bit and eating out and trying new foods, enjoying some junk but not the whole time or I feel like crap. It is hard. So running helps!! :) Have fun!!

Erin@gosupermamago said...

YAY for a beach vaca!! Have a blast!! I'm currently begging hubby if we can go to the beach for a night tomorrow after my race. :)

I always watch what I eat as well. Like you I feel gross if I eat gross, and well I enjoy eating things like big yummy salads. I will usually indulge in extra cocktails on vacation though. I also try to get in workouts, even if it just means doing burpees randomly throughout the day!

Have a great weekend!

Keelie Sheridan said...

I love being active on vacation... I'm a big outdoorsy person, so I usually go places I can hike, rock climb, swim, kayak, raft, bike, etc...

My food on vacation is another story, though... :)

[Red Sox] Wife said...

that sounds like so much fun! I love that you researched your (airport) food before you bought it... that is brilliant. also, I LOVE running in new places! especially with a garmin, since it will just track all your miles for you and you can just explore!! have fun at the beach...get tan on behalf of all us utahns sitting here in the cold and rain :)

Kelsey said...

I always clean before traveling too! I just want to be able to relax when I get home!

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