Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweat like whoa.

First things first. Thanks for all the love/support/advice for my poor little Macbook and I. She is currently in off mode still and getting de-moisturized with rice as was suggested to me by many peeps. I REALLY hope this works. I'm going to leave it off for a few more days, and then we will find out. Keep your fingers crossed for me? Kapeesh?

Second things second. My darling lil' besty, Benita, was kind enough to let me use her old computer whilst I'm waiting for mine to work again. (Power of positive thinking.) Thanks Benits. You are thebomb.com.

Sometimes I get to work out with my boot camp class, which I love! This was the case this past Saturday and as we were working out one of my clients told me she thought I didn't sweat. This is DEFINITELY not true. Had she seen me today she would have taken those words back very quickly. I was dripping.

I wanted my circuit to be strongly cardio based, so I really got a good sweat in.
Today's circuit workout went a little something like this...

10 Mins on the elliptical (warming up, getting that heart rate up)

Repeat this three times
15 weighted burpees with a push up with 20 lb Dumbbells
40 alternating walking lunges holding a 25 lb plate out in front (This works the biceps and shoulders as well)
20 plank mountain climbers
20 plank mountain climbers opposite knee to elbow (this is the same as the previous exercise except you are bringing your right knee in and across your body aiming for your left elbow. Repeat on the other side.)
5 minutes on the stairs Level 15-17

repeat this three times 
15 assisted pull ups
15 squats with a bicep curl with 50 LB bar
1 minute plank with 25 lb plate on my back
5 minutess on the stairs level 15-17

5 minute cool down on the elliptical

Like I said, I was drenched. It felt great. I loved increasing the intervals to five minutes. It really helped me feel like I was getting worked. Full body workout, intense cardio bouts, with a lot of core work. I think so.

If you are wondering why I love circuit workouts so much read HERE and you'll find out why they really are amazing.Oh, and don't worry if you are a sweaty mess or a glistening sweat-less beauty while you're working at it hard core. We all sweat differently depending on our age, gender, genetics, fitness level, environment, and the amount of sweat glands we were born with. Women naturally tend to sweat less than men and at a higher temperature than men. those who have more fat on their bodies tend to sweat more because fat acts as an insulator and raises the core body temperature quicker. Fit individuals sweat sooner into their workout and at a lower body temperature. There are some individuals who suffer form Hyperhyrdrosis, a condition in which one sweats excessively, and those individuals can receive treatment.
Are you a sweater? I may not always sweat when I'm lifting, but if there is any elevation in heart rate I'm a sweat machine. Do you prefer a good sweaty workout out, or do you like to keep it clean? I usually don't feel like I have worked hard enough if I'm not sweating. So sorry for the lack of pics today! Let's hope my computer is back in action soon!!


Lindsay and James Cotter said...

i gotta bookmark this circuit! looks awesome!

Jody, RD said...

I'm a moderate sweater. I often judge the intensity of my workout by the degree of saturation of my sports bra! I do, however, turn bright red!

ashley & sundance said...

That circuit looks intense. One of these days I wanna work out with you... I may not be able to move afterwards and I may need a wheelchair to go places... but still... sounds amazing.

crossing my fingers for your laptop.

spin? yogurtland?

[Red Sox] Wife said...

um I LOVE a good sweat!!! but no, I can usually make it through a hourlong workout and not sweat too much... or if I do it stops pretty quick. my hubby on the other hand, sweats like its his JOB. I mean, he was sweating when we played football outside in below freezing temps! lol

Julia said...

I sweat SO much. It is crazy intense and gross. Can we work out together sometime!?! I really want to learn the ways of your circuits! They look awesome! Even though I sweat a lot...it feels good to sweat that much...I always feel like I got an awesome workout in :)

Okay...lets workout together soon!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Awesome workout lady! I'm not sure I could hold a plank for a full minute with a 25lb weight on my back. That is 100% hardcore!

I am the biggest sweater alive. Like I have no idea how you girls don't wash your hair every single day because when I am done working out my hair is soaking wet. Eeek maybe I have that disease your referring too. I better check it out!

Thisisme said...

oh gosh I sweat so bad!! I'm always bright red too /: BLAH!

COMMON MAC!! You gotta pull through!!

Jen said...

I am a sweater. It sucks. Prescription deodorant and everything. sigh.

Mrs. JM said...

what on earth is a weighted burpee? (i tried the link but i didn't work or i'm just simple). i've just dabbled with regular burpee's this week so i'm cringing at the sound of a "weighted" burpee! you're tough! -- i sweat like whoa too. bad.

hann said...

It’s a great way to teach a proper abdominal brace and for activating core workout muscles at the beginning or a workout.

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