Friday, May 13, 2011

Did What I Could. Calling it good.

I don't know what my problem is today, but it's like someone zapped all my energy from me. 
It could be because I had to get up super early today.
It could be because I had a GREAT but intense workout yesterday.
It could be because I have pulled some late night/early mornings back to back a few times this week.
Who knows why, but it was seriously a struggle to be pepped and enthoused during work all morning, not because I wasn't excited to be there. I actually had some of my favorite clients. I just was dying energy-wise. I hate when this happens.

I had an hour break in between clients and I planned on getting in an interval workout on the elliptical. I jumped on feeling drained and busted out a 45 min workout that was OK, but not my best work. After I got done training I'd planned to go and finish my cardio and get some good resistance training in. I decided not to workout at work, but to come to the gym by my house, hoping a change of scenery would help out with the low energy? Usually if I can just get myself to the gym I'm good to go. I got there, warmed up 5 mins on the treadmill and went at it. I got through the first set of alternating exercises and I was still feeling so tired, not to mention hungry. That is never a good combo. On to set two...still reaaallly not feeling it. I thought about just getting in some more cardio and calling it good, but even that sounded impossibly hard. Approximately 18 mins into my being at the gym I decided I just wasn't hacking it today.

So, I left. Just like that. On the way home I started to beat myself up about it, thinking of all the reasons I should have just toughed it out and stayed.
BUT I then started thinking about my week. I realized that I have had awesome workouts this week, and I've done great with my eating as well. I also thought about the fact that if my body is dragging as much as it is, it's trying to tell me something. I should probably listen to it, right? I reminded myself that I did get some cardio in this morning, and although not much, a few reps of resistance training, and that is better than nothing. I did what I could for the day, and I'm going to be happy with that, and call it good.

Sometimes I think we need to remember that we deserve a little bit of a break every now and then too. I'm not saying use this mentality as an excuse to give yourself so much wiggle room that you don't see any progress. I think there is benefits that come from being disciplined, but I also believe that we can't be perfect 100 percent of the time. Sometimes we need to take a breather and just be happy with what he HAVE done instead of focusing on what we HAVEN'T done.

When my clients are feeling extra discouraged or down on themselves I always ask them two questions. 

1) Name off the good things that you have accomplished today/this week? Focus on those positive things, and how you're going to continue to incorporate them into your life. It can be small things like drinking more water or big things like getting in at least 60 mins of exercise every day this week. Celebrate the small victories!

2) What are you going to do better from here on out? Just because you had a bad day, week, month...doesn't mean you are destined to fail. It just means you need to find out what is causing you to slide back into old habits or keeping you from allowing yourself to embrace new ones. Change is hard and it's a process, so the key is to do the best you can, but be sure you are pushing yourself through the process.

You know who isn't feeling discouraged? 
 This guy.
When I was in San Diego last summer this guy was doing some intense ab work on the picnic table next to us. I couldn't help but snap a photo...I'm a bad person...I really hope that isn't your grandpa. If it is. Tell him I'd love for him to do a guest post. :)

Do you ever have days where you just are NOT feeling it? Do you manage to push yourself through, or do you give yourself a day off? I am usually one to push through, and I feel better when I'm done. However, days like today sneak in every now and again and I know I just need some time to chill! What small victories do you celebrate? I am always happy when my eating goes well, or when I have a great workout for the day!


Katie said...

This was totally me the 2nd half of yesterday day. I've gone all out with the workouts Mon-Wed. and Thurs Morning I did some resistance arms and then the end of my 5 miler yesterday I was dragging. I got in some short (but intense) stuff today, but tomorrow is definitely rest.

I've been really clean with my eating but possibly not getting enough? The last mile of my run yesterday I was starved and then today right before I went to run stairs I got crazy hungry and decided to eat some lunch first. I was still kinda hungry after but I went and did stairs. I cut it a little shorter than usual to make sure I don't overtrain myself :)

Stefanie D. said...

I'm not sure if it's the bi-polar weather or what, but I have been in a bit of a fog these days workout-wise. It's tough to get my head in the game when the warm weather is calling me elsewhere! Like you, I celebrate the days that I have eaten well or got in a great workout! It's all about those little victories. :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

Girl you still got a workout in!!! You cannot be dissapointed about that. Any workout is better than NO workout so I am giving you permission to call this a success for not giving up completely.

I really needed to hear this post because I have been having a hard time with the taper. However today I had the best weight lifting session I have had in a long time and it felt so great. Love that picture hilarious. I am pretty sure I saw the same guy running in Provo yesterday. :)

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh I totally feel ya! I usually tell myself, run for 10-15 minutes and then make a decision. If by 15 I am still zapped, then I walk or call it a day. Its OK to rest, our minds let us think we ALWAYS need to be working. Thats the hard part. Have a beautiful weekend friend. SLEEP!!!

Anonymous said...

i definitely have those days. i go by a "10-15 minute rule" and if i feel like crap 15 minutes into my workout then it's unproductive to keep at it. if you need rest then pushing yourself hard / working out is just going to wear you done. thumbs up :)

Anonymous said...

I felt the EXACT same today! I was so sleepy the entire day and whenever I stood up I felt kind of dizzy... hope tomorrow is better for both you and me!

Rochelle said...

I have that same problem like everyday...and I usually succomb to it! LOL
And it was so good seeing you today! We need to do it more often! I'm planning on PF with you guys on Monday - as long as you don't make fun of my small salad! :)

Julia said...

love this post!!! most of my workouts lately have been like this...I have been so stressed else where that it has made running or working out feel like a chore. i finally felt decent and optimistic today so hoping getting that defense off my plate was somewhat of a relief!

small victories I celebrate are when I remember to STRETCH every day. I know it is good for me but I avoid it a lot which is dumb.

Julia said...

oh and DUH. I freaking loved seeing you today! you are the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

YES. I have to force myself to take the day off when I get like usually only means your next workout will be a better one! I hate to make exercise a chore since I really do enjoy it, so whenever I'm feeling like this I relax & don't force the workout. Love your blog! -Jamie

ashley & sundance said...

oh girl... we ALL have days like this every now and then. I agree that it is usually our body trying to tell us that we need a rest day. I think when we try to push through it, tough it out, suck it up, (whatev...) we get sick, injured, or discouraged.

in WW, we have NSV (non scale victories), so things like skinny jeans fitting again, having a good workout, staying on plan with eating, etc, etc are all small victories that I like to celebrate. :)

love ya girl... are we going swimming today? pool time???

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