Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Don't Wanna Grow Up Cause I'm a Toys R' Us Kid.

If someone could please tell Utah to SNAP out of it and stop trying to be Seattle I'd appreciate it. Thank you. It seriously hasn't stopped raining for like 5 days. I'm going to have to start canoeing to work if things don't calm down. 

Some updates...
I mentioned how AWESOME the new Provo restaurant Station 22 Cafe was in THIS post a few days ago. Well the owner contacted me and let me know that the hours have changed and they are now open until 8 PM everyday but Monday, when they are only open until 4 PM. I was super busy yesterday so I ran in there to get a salad to go. $4.50 for a huge salad to go, piled high with amazingly delicious vegetables with some cottage cheese and egg whites. They even have unique things like jicama, fresh green beans, slivered almonds, and other delicious additions.

Also...I know you were all reaaallly concerned. Today was the test to see if my computer is ok...and it won't turn on :( I'm distraught about it. Does anyone know of a place where Macbooks grown on trees?

My darling friend Julia made my Healthy Zucchini Lasagna yesterday and hers looked like it turned out GREAT. I love to hear when you try my recipes, so please tell me what you think!! Glad you liked it girl!

Workout for today had to be quick, so it was another circuit day. I did one similar to Tuesday's workout because I got such a good sweat in.

So...the surprise I mentioned yesterday?

I got to fly to Arizona today with my dad because THIS darling girl is turning 16. Oh, and I couldn't be happier to get out of Utah's constant attempt at a reenactment of Singing in the Rain. Not working for me.
Meet my niece Kiley.
I absolutely adore her. We are besties. Ten years apart what? We meet somewhere in the middle. She is the happiest, most beautiful, positive, loving, ADORABLE, fun girl in the world. I could hang out with her all day, and sometimes I do :) Anyways...she is turning 16 this weekend and I get to surprise her! She doesn't know I came to the fabulously warm and sunny state of AZ to celebrate with her. I can't wait to see her tomorrow!

I already love being home. I think I revert to childhood mode. I don't want to grow up.
I love going to dinner, just me, mom, and pops. We went to Oregano's in Tempe. Have you been there? GO.
I love going shopping with M&D. 2 cute new pairs of shoes and a tank later...
I love coming home to my parents darling house to all of the comfortable things I know and love...same room, same pantry staples, same jar of gumballs, etc.
I love sitting in my PJ's watching American Idol curled up on the couch.
I love knowing I get to sleep in tomorrow. No alarm clock = best feeling ever. 
So, for this weekend. I don't want to grow up. K?

Total side note...I noticed they put the nutrition facts on the peanuts on the plane, and on the fortune cookies at Oregano's. Is the world finally getting a clue?? I HOPE SO!
P.S. Did you know one fortune cookie has 210 calories in it? I'll pass thanks. Not even worth it for one second. Especially when my fortune said, "Two hens in one cage can't get along." ??? Interpretation anyone?

Have you tried any recipes of my blog that you've liked or even disliked (but hopefully there isn't many of those!?) I'd love to hear about it!! Do you ever revert back to child-mode? I think we all need to every now and again! :)


Keelie Sheridan said...

OMG STOP IT! There are 210 calories in ONE fortune cookie????? What on earth do they put in them. I. am. distraught.

I definitely revert back to childhood mode when I'm around my sisters. We're pretty wild and crazy together! :) My poor mother...

Julia said...

thanks for the little shout out! every single recipe I have tried of yours so far I have seriously LOVED!! they are so delicious and I feel like they usually include most ingredients that I already have so I can make them last second.

I really love fortune cookies so I never wanted to know there were 210 calories. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. scary.

have so much fun in AZ! i love those pics of you and Kiley...super gorgeous :) I love weekends where I can just be a kid again :)

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

I'm super confused...unless it was a GIGANTIC fortune cookie I don't think that's possible. I have a box of regular sized fortune cookies and they have 40 calories each.

Anyways...I can't wait to hear how super excited your niece is going to be when she finds out you are there :-)

Rachelle Wardle said...

Your neice is the cutest thing alive. She is absolutely beautiful!

I totally revert to kid mode whenever I am home as well. I absolutely love being home home. There is so comforting about being in your parents house and just relaxing. Enjoy your trip girl! :)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I AM SO HAPPY YOU GOT TO GO HOME!!! I LOVE BEING HOME AND GO HOME EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! I am coming with you next time:) Happy birthday!!!! Um, it is still raining in Utah:(

[Red Sox] Wife said...

um not yet but I am SO trying that cinnamon one this weekend!!! so excited!!

ShortSkirts said...

so seattle has actually had lovely weather all week, its finally early summer!

Lauren said...

Wait seriously, one of those little fortune cookies has 210 calories! I never eat them and always just read the fortune because I think they are gross anyways.
Have fun with your niece! My sister is 16 too, and I love reliving my childhood by trying to dress her and taking millions of pictures while she gets ready for prom.

Anonymous said...

one fortune cookies has 30-40 calories! not 210 thatd be INSANE.

Thisisme said...

Oh gosh, DO you have any MacDrs around you? They're pretty awesome!!

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