Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Workouts

My Wednesday workouts are by far my favorite of the week. I have the most time and energy to get in some good solid lifting and some good cardio. The best part is I get to work out doing things I LOVE which makes me even more happy. After work this morning I got my lift on. The workout for the day was total body again. I'll be doing total body until my foot heals up and I can get back to my running.
It went a lil' something like this...

Warm up 5 mins walking on the treadmill.
*Warming up is something that SO many people skip over, and shouldn't. With all of my stupid injuries I've been working through I've been reminded of the importance of warming up your muscles and priming them to work hard. It's VERY important and will keep you UN-injured!

*3 sets of each combo
12 Seated Rows With Cables ( 60 LBS)
alt with
12 Bicep curls to the front with cables (40 LBS)
alt with
12 Single Leg Lunge on Bench with Right leg and then left leg (holding 25 LB plate)
*place left leg on bench behind you, shoelaces down and lunge down slowly. Your front knee should be in line with your ankle and NOT go forward over your toes)

12 chest press lunges with the cables (40 LBS)
12 cable lunges with resistance (40 LBS)
alt with
15 Triceps dips on bench with feet up

10 squat alt with reverse lunges on the right leg (50 LB bar on shoulders)
alt with
12 Upright row to a deadlift combo (50 LB bar)
alt with
10 squat alt with reverse lunges on the left leg (50 LB bar on shoulders)
alt with
1 minute plank (with 25 LB plate on lower back)

12 side to side Pushups
*start from center and take arm out to the right push up, back to center, out to left push up back to center. etc.
alt with
20 up and over lunges on bench right
alt with
20 up and over lunges on bench left
*I'll have to include these and an exercise of the week one of these days. They are AWESOME.

Tonight will be cardio :) 
45-60 mins intervals on the elliptical (depending on when I can get there!)
Janae's 45 min karaoke dance party...I mean spin class. Love. My legs will be toasted I'm sure, but it always feels good to get em' spinning.

I have to tell you I have been having a minor heart attack over the past two days. I lost this guy...
I almost submitted a missing persons report. Working out without it today and yesterday almost killed me! I have told you before, I LOVE working out to music. It makes my workouts fun, and I have to have something to sing to while I'm sweating up a storm. I seriously have been DYING, and searching every possible crack of my house, car, bottomless gym bag, the gym, name it. I looked there. Except for my window sill, under my blinds...which is where I found it. HALLELUJAH! Best. Day. Ever.

Also...remember how I told you I'm going on that sweet trip in a few weeks here? Well I've been trying to find a new swimsuit. How about trying on swimsuits to keep you motivated? Yowza! I got a bunch to try on and I want your opinions...

c d

Do you have a day of the week that you feel like you get your best workouts in? Take advantage of those days!! It always feels good to know you got worked! Do you workout with music? Unless I'm working out with friends I prefer to have some tunes pumping me along. Which suit do you like best? a, b, c, or d? Does swimsuit season help you feel like kicking your buns in gear? It surely does for me!


marathonmaiden said...

hmmmmmmmm. i think i get my best workouts in on thursdays. for some reason that just seems like my day for anything and everything.

Rene said...

I think they are all cute but b and C are my favs. I also have about 5 suits that I rotate so I would just get them all.
I usually do group x classes and the playlist makes a huge difference in my workouts.
I love all my workout days - usually for different reasons. I wish I loved spin - maybe if Janae was my teacher.

Julia said...

definitely work out with music...i too would freak out if i lost my ipod! i really love C!!!

i cant wait to be able to have time to start coming to spin with my friends :) that will be SO great...even more time with my amazing bffs!!! cant wait!

i think Monday is my favorite workout day...i am usually the most motivated and get there early so I can get a lot in :)

Allie said...

lets NOT talk about swimsuit season girl--I've got 2 months of surgery aka I'll be a doughball come July. Humph.

On the other hand- when I'm feeling great I rock a bikini. Maybe one day..

Angie said...

I am on a major spin kick right now. My gym got all new Schwinn spin bikes and they're the bomb. I can only imagine how fun Janae's spin class must be. That girl is a hoot from reading her blog!

ihearteggs said...

I'm a fan of C!

I find my tuesday workout is often the one I look most forward to. Monday ngiht is my "off" night so getting back in the gym feels good!

Erin@gosupermamago said...

I think I like A the best! Great workout!

I don't really have a fav workout day, usually just whichever day I end up feeling the best :)

I'm not sure if its swimsuit season or whipping my butt into shape to kick butt in my half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks, guess I'm just lucky swimsuit season immediately follows half marathon training!

Mel said...

I like A.

I really need to get a new 1 pc suit, those are adorable

Rachelle Wardle said...

Awesome workout megan you are so hardcore. I'll workout with you and sing to you and that will make you want to punch a wall or something. :)

I usually get my best workout in on Monday because I am feeling fresh from a day off but this week I am tapering and all of my workouts are weaklamesauce.

I love all of the swimsuits please don't make me choose. Since we will be a seven peaks everyday you will probably need all four. :)

Stephanie said...

I love the red one so very much!!!

Alissa said...

I like swimsuit B!

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