Thursday, May 26, 2011

Like a Kid Again

Last night my sis let me babysit her little babeskis. These kids are beyond adorable...
Yep. They are for reals that cute. Ugh, I could just eat them right up.
My sister said the kiddies could pick a snack before they went to bed, and after a lot of debating between creamies and popcorn, we decided on some popcorn. (Don't tell my sister that I actually just let them have both...) I served up a lil' bowl of popcorn for each kid and we talked and laughed. I LOVE the funny things that kids say. They are so honest. While we were snacking, the conversation with my niece went as follows.

Savy: "Meggie. When are you going to have a baby? You need to have a baby...I want more cousins to play with."  (Don't worry this isn't the first time we've discussed this topic)
Me: "OK, who should the dad be?"
Savy: "It doesn't matter what his name is, he just needs to be a husband."
Me: "Well if you could pick his name, what would it be?"
Savy: " doesn't even matter. I just want cousins. Just find a husband."

From the mouth of babes? I guess so. She isn't kidding around. ;) 

So, between talk of babies, bites of popcorn, and licks of creamies. I remembered how incredibly sad I'm going to be when my sis and her family move back to Austin this August. Reconsider Linds? I'll babysit all the time...promise!

I laughed as the kiddos ran away from their half eaten Creamies and partially eaten bowls of popcorn to find something better to do. Why can't we adults be like this? I want to eat like a kid again.
As a child I...
- Filled my plate but never finished it. (My mom always said my eyes were bigger than my stomach.)
- Ate until I was full and then was done.
- Was more intuitive
- Practiced moderation...for the most part (We all know kids have crazy candy binges every now and again.)

I feel like for the most part, I know there are some exceptions, kids are intuitive eaters. I think us adults are the ones that change that in them. While there are times when all kids want are sweets, and some kids are definite, "eaters," most kids eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full.

I feel like we could revert back to our childhood ways and help ourselves out in the eating department.
- Don't clean your plate just because you have a plate of food in front of you. Eat what you have if it's good and worth eating. If it isn't or if you are full, be finished with it. Far too often we just keep eating because food is there. Do you ever see kids doing that? Not usually...
- Maybe don't finish everything? Just saying. I have heard people say they have stopped overeating habits by trying to leave a few bites of everything on their plate.
- Ask yourself if you're really hungry? Are you eating because you think it's a scheduled time you should be eating, or are you really hungry?
- Try the bite method. A lot of times when kids eat, even with sweets, they are happy to just have a bite. Then it's off to find something better to do.
- Find something better to do? Instead of snacking like it's your job...find something better to do.
- Get excited. You know how kids are ecstatic over having a treat? Are you that excited when you have a treat? Or have little sweets lost their umph because you have so many? Maybe cut back on your sweets/indulgences so when you actually do have them you enjoy them! Moderation baby.

Do you eat like a kid? or have you turned into a plate cleaning, second portion devouring adult like most of America? Are there some kid like eating habits you could adopt back into your lifestyle?


ashley & sundance said...

I love your convo with your lil niece. That's so cute.

And i wish i could be more of an intuitive eater. Take me back to childhood ... :)

P.S. you and i need a date so you can catch me up on your life since i man-handled the entire convo at PF the other night. ;)

Samantha said...

Great post! Not only do I need to stop clearing my plate just for the heck of it, I really need to stop going back for second helpings :/

Umm those kids are flippin adorable. They look like baby models.

Melissa said...

This post is so true!

I have this "don't waste food" mentality so I usually finish what's on my plate. I gotta get over it!

Rachelle Wardle said...

I love this post! Me and my sister were actually talking about this exact topic the other day. The thing I loved about eating as a kid is I didn't think about it I just ate when I was hungry. Now a days it is like I am overanalyzing every single thing I put in my mouth! Hate that!

Cutest kids ever!! Don't you just love neices and nephews. They are the best. Love you megan!

Jen said...

Kids are just so honest! I love that conversation you guys had!
And you're so right! If I would eat like my kids, I would be so much better off.

[Red Sox] Wife said...

ahahaha your niece is soo funny. i love that you can think of something like this all from babysitting!!! love those cute kids who are super adorable just like their auntie! :)

Julia said...

I LOVE this! So cute! Kids really are the best. I am still a kid at heart in that I really do get SO excited about treats...haha. but maybe I could practice the one bite method instead of feeling like I have to scarf it down!

Thisisme said...

Haha, I love my nieces and our convos!! One of them recently told me that she hopes I marry my boyfriend because he's more fun to play with than I am. Out of the mouths of babes for real!! (;

Those chillins are so precious!!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I eat like a kid when it comes to candy!! You are so right neices and nephew are SO intuitive, it makes me happy and I just try and make sure they keep eating like that because I never want them to be crazy like me. LOVE THAT PICTURE OF THEM!!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

This is so true! I'm always in awe of how children eat. My youngest brother will skip dessert all the time when he's not hungry. So few adults (including myself) would let being full after dinner stop me from a delicious homemade dessert!

Nichole said...

Love that Savy! She always makes me laugh! I totally agree about eating like a kid. I wish I could relearn that!

Chels said...

Awesome friends always make fun of me because I save the meat in everything I eat for last. If I order a chicken pasta dish, the chicken is the last to eat. Even when I get a cookie dough blizzard I try to save all the cookie dough chuncks for last lol.

Crystal said...

I hopped on over from Pinterest where someone was pinning some awesome recipes I can't wait to try! I used to live in Mesa/Gilbert/Tempe area, and i LOVED Oregano's! Totally worth the wait, and the calories. Cheesy Garlic Bread, Pizza, Caesar Salad, and of course, a Pazookie all to myself. Delish.

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