Friday, May 6, 2011

Papa Les Got Jimmered

Today I went with my M&D to the Carl Bloch painting exhibit at BYU. After we walked through we ventured over to the bookstore where this photo was taken.
As I was taking it my dad said, "this picture better end up on your blog." There you go Pops. Two handsome gents. :)

It got me thinking about two things.
1) Elite Athletes
2) My two biggest fans

About the elites...
I am the type of person who becomes awestruck with physical talent. I think it must have something to do with studying the body so much. I know how much hard work goes into performing on the level of an elite athlete. While natural talent and physical capability is part of it, that talent has to be honed and perfected. That comes with hours and hours of blood, sweat, and tears.
Elite athletes understand something that the average person usually doesn't. They understand that the body is capable of far more than we give it credit for.

Lesson from the elites...don't be afraid to push yourself sometimes. If you think that Olympic athletes winning gold medals did so by staying in their comfort zone, you are wrong. Now, I'm not advising you push yourself to the point of injury, or that you ignore manifestations of serious pain or problems. HOWEVER, I am telling you to get out of your comfort zone. Up your intensity a little each time you are getting a workout in. You are capable of a LOT. Promise. 

About my 2 biggest fans...
My mom and dad have been such an awesome support group for me my whole life. They have been at every dance performance, every competition, every race, every EVERYTHING, my whole life. They are always so encouraging.

I know I have posted this photo before, but it is one of my absolute favorites. It is so telling and descriptive of my whole life. This pic is from the Salt Lake Marathon in 2009.
This is at mile 20 where I was starting to feel it...and remembering that I still had six miles left. Every time I'd see my fam and friends at the cheering points my mom would come and run along side me for a minute and give me pep talks. My dad would reach out and give me high fives and cheer me on to keep going. My dad is such an athlete and he loves any sporting event. It didn't matter if it was a dance competition or a race he is all about it. They make me want to do my best!

It helps so much to have a support group! It doesn't matter if it's your friends, family, husband, coworkers, neighbors, or your blogging buddies...find some people who are on your side and want you to succeed! Find some people that will help you through your ups, downs, successes and failures. 

Do you feel like you push yourself?
If you don't now is the time to do a self assessment and see where you can try a little harder. This can be diet-wise, exercise-wise, or even just mentally...find where you can improve! Who is your support group? I am so lucky to have great support from my family, friends, co-workers, clients, and bloggy buddies!!


ashley & sundance said...

awww. I love the pic of you and your Mom & Dad. Super cute! :)

Julia said...

obsessed with that pic! SO CUTE. and how good it must have felt to have their support then and of course always :)

I definitely push myself...but sometimes I worry too much. My support is definitely my family and friends. Oh...and I guess Riley is supportive. sometimes.

Julie said...

I love that picture with your parents. Very cool!
My parents are my best supporters! My dad has even done a couple races with me in support!

marathonmaiden said...

i'm pretty good about pushing myself. lately i've felt a bit unmotivated but i know that fire will come back.

very cute picture! you should frame it.

Monique said...

this is an awesome post :) I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and tried hot yoga for the first time (after only trying yoga a handful of times). The body can surprise you, that's for sure!!

And I like the Jimmer cutout haha. He's not bad looking... for a college student ;)

Rene said...
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Rene said...

Your blog is just what I needed. I ran a half today and hit the wall at mile 10. I am supposed to start training for a full in June but at that moment I thought I am barely doing 13.1, there is no way I can do 26.2. I needed the reminder that with preparation our bodies can do amazing things for us.
My hubby and kids are my best support. My hubby couldn't be there this morning but he called at my goal end time telling me he was proud of me. It made me feel great to know he had such faith in me and that he didn't doubt my goals.

Nicole said...

I try to get out of my comfort zone while still enjoying my workout. Have you tried bodyrock? It's short, intense workouts that will make you push yourself in minimal time.
Love that race photo of you- so awesome! I hope you're having a great weekend.

Curt & Cassie Ford said...

I did one of your circuits yesterday and my legs are way sore! Today I tried your 2 minute interval workout on the stair master. I only made it 45 minutes though. That definitely kicked my butt! Thanks again for being my personal trainer! :)

I need to push myself when it comes to diet. I think I can walk around and eat whatever I want and it is definitely starting to catch up with me.

[Red Sox] Wife said...

I LOVE That last pic... and that your dad got "jimmered"! so so funny. parents really are the cutest! thats probably where you get it from :)
my parents and hubs are my #1 support!

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